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r11996 Avatar ccw808 master • Applied source formatting
30 May, 2018ed77b94e1ec7715b8a6fcb5430036be3625f9d5a
r11995 Avatar ccw808 master • Added full axis option to joystick bindings
28 May, 2018f205f3471819fef8711b1c6d86e7e72ecba4eefa
r11994 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed problems when using a controller with more than 7 axes
28 May, 2018382a3557c653309893a257193359ef7f6ee9669b
r11993 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
23 May, 20180a4e51a18fad20e0337efca8fd8e8bb99df881e3
r11983 Avatar ccw808 master • Automated copyright date
22 May, 201870bdef2c35d28c0b5da287461c6b78d542e3f15a
r11981 Avatar Justus H master • Merge pull request #194 from ZReC/patch-1
• A bit change on "CCredits.cpp"
12 May, 2018bad2a484126ffa55e5eb7f7ce7f444abdcffbd39
Avatar ZReC master • ZReC
• Could you make this small change in ZReC?
12 May, 20185370dec257abb475455adb3d9777de78e3fe8475
r11980 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9166 (Console displays an error message when pressing the key of a disabled MTA control)
10 May, 201823dadffbf9d93cf94e22c6de0763f59d9042fe68
Avatar ccw808 master • Refactored ASE flags
10 May, 20182d69eb417db2f3eca07049cdc77ea9d7a42ae4ca
r11978 Avatar Jusonex master • Possible fix for recently introduced crash
2 May, 2018efe0d2ffd9aa2b62b201e7cf58390ce6805761a7
r11977 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9859 (100% CPU usage after some messages in /debugscript)
2 May, 20184b205444c61a8f3cfd4e233078081d5fd1bdaf03
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix #9844 (Passing empty string to requestBrowserDomains crashes client)
1 May, 20180df3fb25732de3b78556c24eb1fed44ded11380f
r11965 Avatar ccw808 master • Test fix for incorrect RAM report
27 April, 2018fc3e377252d97f0fc1f7893f3a421a10b7b214b7
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