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r11320 Avatar ZReC master • Fix #8590: Sound effects bad position (#124)
• Possible solution.
• I could not reproduce the cited crash (I don't think it's very relevant)
1 May, 2017c20d2adc5614201c6e76c4a2e41651dafa54ec87
Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.3029.1609.gcb50417 (Chromium 58.0.3029.81)
29 April, 20176854298445d76a2edec23049be1910c668c9fac4
r11307 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed getHeliBladeCollisionsEnabled incorrect arguments
27 April, 20170089c3b81d4439c62df56b051b72755c12448e9f
r11306 Avatar Jusonex master • Update debugSleep to process all RPC queues
26 April, 2017f3bdd9c013bfa95a1b9be4f01ba8feccde356faf
r11305 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed server crash introduced in 45783b (Added password append option to enable http login from any ip: 'authserial httppass')
25 April, 2017cc660ce354a555470e60d02a67a2c11665a95d24
Avatar Jusonex master • Add 'debugSleep' Lua function
• This function makes implementing a debugger possible (more on that later)
25 April, 20177460cc8c9ce8927275163d86d39a28d91759aab2
Avatar Jusonex master • Implement get-/setDevelopmentMode on the server
25 April, 2017a805943d44171281e3ff973f07d63deab58c4208
r11302 Avatar ccw808 master • Added password append option to enable http login from any ip: 'authserial httppass'
22 April, 201745783b85b19159c828382347a15e2a54b6883b16
r11301 Avatar ccw808 master • Changed version to 1.5.4
20 April, 201722a82aa549e73dbdf3a574442217d27171e667e3
Avatar ccw808 master • Excluded some checks & logging when using the editor or local server. Added check for JSON precision modification.
20 April, 201754302e7e74c93e96892d0a3d5b7b78e7a26b3833
r11282 Avatar ccw808 master • Automatically insert missing settings into mtaserver.conf at server start
19 April, 2017c50ccb0a8c3cfb9ef115a0b18ead4d5f4d2f753c
Avatar Jusonex master • Add async overloads to passwordHash and passwordVerify
• Async is the recommended way to call both functions
19 April, 201797ab9f71dd85d45b368d33ec366335bfb15b698f
Avatar Jusonex master • Implement generic async task runner
19 April, 201704d117c73aeece13a23a8445a35bcf280b1e8b77
r11279 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed delay that sometimes occurs when opening the Settings panel
16 April, 2017f3379b73053b586d93688fcd61d315ba4b5955de
r11278 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated mtaserver.conf comments
15 April, 201733e22015b6f6a60280c6d3fe75b9fcee8ae6d748
r11277 Avatar Jusonex master • Windows compile fix
14 April, 201731b740c49f510aacf34c596530ab6ef3095a759b
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix Linux compilation
13 April, 2017050c5478c27648a8114004f578264a4dfd08e648
Avatar Jusonex master • Implement 'passwordHash' and 'passwordVerify'
13 April, 2017422246213e10cba3e64eb9ef39ae787051c0501a
Avatar Jusonex master • Add CScriptArgReader::ReadStringMap
13 April, 2017ca791c47b2cba6861494e019cb053908d8ced2a5
Avatar ccw808 master • Changed authserial to enabled by default.
• Added mtaserver.conf IP exceptions option for auth serial http protection.
• Added mtaserver.conf owner email address option.
13 April, 2017546d5738acd4f3c61a6bbdcd47c02285659c9ec0
Avatar ccw808 master • Logging update + refactor
13 April, 2017fe0d97c98f9bff21cd7a709a143c4ef1b9b45de9
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