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r10816 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed access denied when reading log files
15 November, 2016097045304e88bc46792e3ddc96588d56a1dce4a3
r10810 Avatar Jusonex master • Feature/ci no tag upload (#96)
• * Change CI configs to stop uploading tags

12 November, 2016a6cc7c6873dfb5fd470fdd9423fb9b1d510b007f
Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.2840.1517.gd7afec5
12 November, 20164ed8eb10c2501c4ee3fcd2e259ba5140301fb18d
r10792 Avatar ccw808 master • Added DirectX web installer
12 November, 2016b93229c2bc542293b79c7b180bec0f2cd300d4ab
r10791 Avatar ccw808 master • Prevent Windows error box during auto-update
11 November, 20160868225164f5c481cc97d6219917f04cd71dd980
r10790 Avatar ccw808 master • Disable Windows error box when probing for xinput dlls
11 November, 2016f2f3a07bb76e66828fe85546fe6660eb3f87a04d
r10789 Avatar ccw808 master • Added missing core dependency (xinput)
11 November, 2016531bd78f04e3d806bbc15ba987e15fc9bd1bae1c
r10788 Avatar ccw808 master • Removed VC redistributables from installer
10 November, 2016b9c7552811ce84e42bff825ad3d3cc7a3869017e
Avatar ccw master • Merge pull request #95 from multitheftauto/experimental/win-static-link
• Experimental/win static link
10 November, 201669b4e06a772cbcab9d24b671ec07d06af3b63ee6
r10786 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed Linux compile error #2
10 November, 2016a718d34b1d29d34207a340a46f9cc0a075b6aa27
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed Linux compile error
10 November, 20169e62bcb11bf5d47ff098e8b1760473b292875eb2
Avatar ccw808 master • Enabled static runtime linking on all Windows projects
10 November, 201616a77a6e44fd1c17d5a7d04edd6def8b4f193265
Avatar ccw808 master • Removed VC runtime hooks
10 November, 2016b97aca9b4beda9b192f2b2fc68e26d47c6f43509
Avatar ccw808 master • Wrapped certain file functions to avoid VC runtime
10 November, 201691960dfcaeb6a00b3acc22e8d9bb187e2f7e19c1
r10775 Avatar ccw808 master • Rebuild
9 November, 201600debb8d1cdafff32678d0741079669721f0bb02
r10772 Avatar ccw808 master • Rebuild
8 November, 2016a1e15ce3c148449db59fa0cc4999aae4db371099
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