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r12430 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove model check in getVehicleType luadef (fix mantis 9908)
13 July, 2018b08f3cce86ce618ff1ba80edda960e1172f0a228
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Addendum to acc4c727971d09d605eeb7bd2242d2609c0cc814
13 July, 201894ecd6ec4700c3b7401c3426aca7a82a7e4fb217
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update vendor/google-breakpad to ecbbfbeb9dee9de92f6dac680e20c63ba9406426
13 July, 2018acc4c727971d09d605eeb7bd2242d2609c0cc814
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Unify unnecessarily split code in CLuaFileDefs
13 July, 2018bc3b800b2ab36b83555745821242d88040ad09eb
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Use 'pragma once' in DXHook/Graphics/ServerBrowser
13 July, 2018e029fd4a2efe2e376a46a39f26acc3d1cef6995d
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove rogue GetServerCache in CDirect3DHook9
• Line added here
13 July, 2018feaf5730c90491def48a51468180979da7cf1665
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Use 'relative path' for CServerCache include
13 July, 2018e795dedabaa9866a5466fa2b2ed1d759aedc2da0
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove ServerBrowser/CServerCache.h from StdInc.h
13 July, 20183729c3be44b53daef51ecf62c6c733c115ec4325
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Rename Serverbrowser in code to ServerBrowser
13 July, 2018b6fd29996675d376581b283bdc8e195a2908901d
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Rename Serverbrowser folder to ServerBrowser
13 July, 2018cb41fd020a182694c7a831bfa55809625697d59c
Avatar ccw808 master • Moved rect_edge.png into source code
13 July, 20184e57a8b1977a5a500172f86c3202297f9c11eb7b
r12419 Avatar FileEX master • Fixed #2
• Changes in bad function.
10 July, 20184d8311c044c79969cf6f96674a82d1bb0ad006c8
Avatar FileEX master • Fixed
10 July, 2018b80bdbc9fd25cf4c813ae2506f06faaf611f3b50
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #236 from FileEX/master
• 0006962: Add missing isReadOnly functions for GUI Memos and Edit fields.
12 July, 20182de8d901eb6d879e1fc2b397a77c1f2e62d2fcfd
Avatar FileEX master • Added new functions
• Added new functions 'guiMemoIsReadOnly' and 'guiEditIsReadOnly'.
10 July, 20183562b49a6f70799db05d15e751591b73f11c1f9f
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Undo revert
12 July, 20189641feabd2958b1354379df9ae56a404ab53b4ee
Avatar FileEX master • Add files via upload
• Added functions 'guiMemoIsReadOnly' and 'guiEditIsReadOnly'.
10 July, 201873350d183d610f3165308da88b2aece0cbaf800f
r12411 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Add missing clientside compatible upgrades, which are not missing serversided"
• This reverts commit 744c3e7c7b134ae4035ec2fa2a5e63e893ea91da.
12 July, 201822f1223b3890e762c36fa492d3dfaad91e9b58e3
r12405 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Remove incompatible spoiler for vehicles"
• This reverts commit 93625a226154438d5d3cca612dbe088264481e61.
12 July, 20183f45af0151b1b01f1963832ee3f41a0c075a9c40
r12404 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #238 from Timic3/feature/chat-tab-ignore-colorcodes
• Ignore colorcodes while tabbing in chatbox
11 July, 201885c0598044dbbbdf15189ff1330b9b9f1e46dbd1
Avatar Timotej master • Ignore colorcodes while tabbing in chatbox
11 July, 2018f4375809a8b2b123693ff78fba9446c50983dba4
Avatar idanish master • Fix CAnimBlendNode crash for custom replaced animations
• There were multiple crashes at CAnimBlendNode functions possibly due to side effects of calling RenderWare skinning functions within CAnimBlendAssociation's constructor that takes animation hierarchy as a parameter, so I wrote a separate constructor for custom replaced animations. Also, the crash is linked to engineReplaceAnimation since it's the only function that replaces animation.
11 July, 20182bf1008fa8a6e4da073827692b8bb0d57a9d53bd
r12399 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed data files check
10 July, 2018d04b1e6ed67f6ecf31c9026cc5c19ae7fce5639c
r12382 Avatar Jusonex master • CEF: Disable JavaScript DOM pasting
10 July, 2018f2562788e401a870d11fa12340329371e2a0db58
Avatar ccw808 master • Refactored global variables storage
10 July, 2018a08504bdc30ae33c4226f8985de1531bc629f047
Avatar Emre Kara master • Fix having to use bindKey twice at user-changed key (#237)
10 July, 2018df1133540e559035fd9a92bd2c81466ca2883572
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #235 from Dutchman101/master
• Updated BASS library
10 July, 20181c7d3b1dc36f6ece6f70c8642aee2ec2e94282c0
Avatar Dutchman101 master • Fixed BASS.dll MD5 hash
10 July, 20186bb5a5504f0d27128221be75a5b2893203371474
Avatar Dutchman101 master • Updated BASS library
10 July, 2018e9f67c5d97b6f401f147c814f46087f679458835
r12373 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #232 from patrikjuvonen/issue-6455
• 0006455: clamp blip order and distance to avoid integer overflow
8 July, 2018686d4413819d263717f2b33e1399b1557ebda5e9
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • acl.xml: remove deprecated ones and add new ones
8 July, 201807444c48fc015254b75be8b8c098fbc669d4664a
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • acl.xml: unify formatting
8 July, 2018ef9e0c3ab3917004d06face492f5d2956dbf193c
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • CLuaBlipDefs: clamp order and distance, fixes 6455
8 July, 2018c259edc3fd439c0cdbb125b68cd668ebfe6084eb
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • CModelInfoSA: request model if not loaded yet, fixes 9897 (#224)
8 July, 20182b7d5bc7a978b47bc9b529d524b8ca6be4f6913c
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #234 from emre1702/fix_spoiler
• #9433Again - Remove incompatible spoiler
9 July, 2018b91efe268b95d698f7c433bdeb2f747a14eeff77
Avatar emre1702 master • Remove incompatible spoiler for vehicles
9 July, 201893625a226154438d5d3cca612dbe088264481e61
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #233 from patrikjuvonen/issue-5701
• 0005701: remove fully deprecated (removed) acl.xml rights and add new missing ones
9 July, 20181eb1fb97b70ab2b87107652c5318ef7878aca92e
r12363 Avatar Dutchman101 master • Updated some BASS DLL's (accidentally didn't grab the latest version earlier) (#227)
7 July, 2018b1dc4438c296a933b78b2096d9b0fa8863bb7bb4
r12356 Avatar saml1er master • Delete .gitignore
• Pushed this file accidently
6 July, 2018f7279b2ce95d841ca0cb6235411a388d4a87b314
Avatar idanish master • Fix nullptr check before return in CAnimMangerSA methods
• - This is a part of rewriting CAnimMangerSA methods, dynamic memory allocation was used along with raw pointers, so I switched to std::unique_ptr which requires us to return nullptr for the method if the interface is NULL after calling the function from memory.
• - Applied Source Formatting
6 July, 2018def10efeacad4221ded22b4f400d908641182472
Avatar idanish master • Fix CAnimBlendAssociation leak and CAnimBlendHierarchy limit
6 July, 20188512aa6166793d6b1a94a91845a1c1de5166fe7d
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #223 from patrikjuvonen/issue-9849
• 0009849: add some missing Vehicle class methods
6 July, 2018149a0ad00f35d5ea622dc926de906a2a9981c427
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • CLuaVehicleDefs: add missing Vehicle class methods client-side
6 July, 2018d618755437420bfef6a8e6f1c047937f8ba5de2a
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