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r11412 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix #8856: Added RGB parameters for on(Client)DebugMessage
1 June, 2017e6fab6bb64db9d6099d564b88f5445103944d62b
r11378 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix deprecated premake warnings
26 May, 20179be35680472f5fb081655dc5b2fd6b8d10bb720b
Avatar Jusonex master • Upgrade premake to 1cddb0dffa3982eaf32787421041a28196966c89
• All binaries all self-compiled
26 May, 20174e657bdaa417319917a0dc72097e453450422f3a
Avatar Jusonex master • Revert "Upgrade premake to 1cddb0dffa3982eaf32787421041a28196966c89"
• This reverts commit 4e657bdaa417319917a0dc72097e453450422f3a.
26 May, 2017f837908b9ba17a2593e4863b24877576625cc074
Avatar Jusonex master • Revert "Fix deprecated premake warnings"
• This reverts commit 9be35680472f5fb081655dc5b2fd6b8d10bb720b.
26 May, 20172f784f57caf4190d4e432e9e624040381d0f3103
Avatar Jusonex master • Revert "Cont: Fix deprecated premake warnings"
• This reverts commit c785369456960d08f7c579bfb321921bcd155c88.
26 May, 2017c36e245aad4a61384606f246e3869c1a65741037
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Merge pull request #142 from Necktrox/fix/disconnect-duration-text
• Display seconds in disconnect message box if viable
26 May, 20175459fc5086ae644fea38831b35c60300e99bc6c1
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Cont: Fix deprecated premake warnings
26 May, 2017c785369456960d08f7c579bfb321921bcd155c88
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Improve disconnect time duration text
26 May, 20174ed9c8e40daa22f3aff573f29b2ea31bc68895e3
r11354 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated client loader helper
26 May, 20170ff8b3e3bc63d53ca1fccc81184c0eb1846a9ef5
Avatar ccw808 master • Server crash fix test
26 May, 2017bcf4162e15e28104639d0e26145fd68ce0a5c3c0
r11352 Avatar ccw808 master • Crash 'fix' for offset 003F18CF
17 May, 2017eddacab44f71a62653e6033362791586e6bb34f6
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed "bit length overflow" warning in debug build
17 May, 20174a3a359a45258b345d6de5572944a38a5b383fab
r11350 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Added guiGetCursorType function (#76)
16 May, 201708d000b476560c34366ba10b99ee26a159a3897d
Avatar ZReC master • Fix 3994: Radio name do not always show. (#129)
• This happens with gta sa vehicles that have by default the radio
• disabled.
16 May, 2017b4b129c7c5abe5f273637269a1100e50c3cf339c
r11348 Avatar Jusonex master • Rebuild ped for visual stats (in setPedStat)
14 May, 201727c60322af7ebc165a9cce7985b89edd9746d9dc
Avatar Arran master • setPedStat for client side peds (#109)
• * setPedStat for client side peds

14 May, 2017b7f1468aa882a51b434b5cc91978a1ead0e0c5f7
Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #8458 (setObjectBreakable - Melee problem) (#137)
14 May, 20176343316702b7ea9d90beb49ff6e89fa743d5f51c
Avatar ccw808 master • Addendum to 1a23a62 (Added to fetchRemote: username/password, redirection)
14 May, 20171a1d04ddf3167a92d2021ef8bff731b8f748465b
Avatar ccw808 master • Added to fetchRemote: username/password, redirection
14 May, 20171a23a6250f655a3181ef612d4c9d1cdf9cbe5f97
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed Linux compile error and some warnings
14 May, 2017b0814cd0df7488b76236e9f4be5e0ff9a625f613
Avatar ccw808 master • Added to fetchRemote: request method, request headers and response headers
14 May, 2017ffa943c043ddd9d4e3a49b55a13218091862e02b
r11341 Avatar Jusonex master • Merge pull request #134 from Necktrox/fix/set-rain-level
• Clamp rain level in setRainLevel
12 May, 2017fe749b50eabd43318bf8212fac98371b31bf137f
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Clamp rain level in setRainLevel
12 May, 2017f10119318271ea94f42cc82fb6b70c8be543eeab
r11339 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #132 from Necktrox/fix/command-censoring
• Censor onClientConsole for login command
11 May, 2017a381f2429a6522db596b0e31e0a57775794150e3
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Censor onClientConsole for login command
11 May, 201706c6cfd740e0be88c86f00a0e82b1a39f69b0222
Avatar ccw808 master • Added request method to CNetHTTPDownloadManager::QueueFile
11 May, 2017be207c9df3eff68041e1dd792a504486533ce642
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9628 (Console command: addAccount shows password in logs)
11 May, 201785951d26e55a6649bec670079422c5c8a36fa41a
r11335 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix possible infinite loop in CScriptArgReader::ReadStringMap
7 May, 2017bec96318bd594a7382aa75a9b925ae867c05d1bf
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Update README build instructions (#127)
4 May, 201757db04be400cdd68d2ede6e587ebf837987060fe
r11333 Avatar Jusonex master • Add localhost to CEF whitelist
3 May, 20174888a23227b74c2e92234446a93e20804c972d22
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