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r12004 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix issue #9817 (ped health XML attr doesn't work)
• - By default a ped will be spawned at 100 health unless a health
• attribute is provided
7 June, 201817127658a52064302b90752b00b8aaebbc440180
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix issue #9487 (getBonePosition OOP is broken)
7 June, 2018648c325ede0c678ffef81327012d272face2ce6f
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove include guards from rest of Server
6 June, 2018a517c5195e70fa4355fea563d02fec7239f9a591
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove include guards from Server/SDK
22 May, 2018aecf7bdbb24de477fd0917f55f4c5d8c470a1688
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove include guards from Server/Core
22 May, 20182f6f61f549ec9f39f6b357e315ec79c53c3dc840
r12000 Avatar ccw808 master • Test for #9178 (unbindKey not working properly) by reverting part of de1236c6 (Fixed #5391: Secondary command binds don't function properly)
4 June, 201892a12e05a2bc3be0915a001ab3027a3a317a07af
r11999 Avatar ccw808 master • Added client warning if resource file is unexpectedly changed
4 June, 2018c6294ebda0561f2472a0e3e32ea2cbba8c8c1a5a
r11998 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9861 ([REQUEST] postGUI argument for dxDrawMaterialLine3D)
1 June, 2018bee6c7f245e962541e07a2abfe7ae41ea31f2d73
r11997 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed recent change in behaviour of setCameraMatrix
1 June, 201898f7f4a3e684b615787c169c206cc2a087ec813f
r11996 Avatar ccw808 master • Applied source formatting
30 May, 2018ed77b94e1ec7715b8a6fcb5430036be3625f9d5a
r11995 Avatar ccw808 master • Added full axis option to joystick bindings
28 May, 2018f205f3471819fef8711b1c6d86e7e72ecba4eefa
r11994 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed problems when using a controller with more than 7 axes
28 May, 2018382a3557c653309893a257193359ef7f6ee9669b
r11993 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
23 May, 20180a4e51a18fad20e0337efca8fd8e8bb99df881e3
r11983 Avatar ccw808 master • Automated copyright date
22 May, 201870bdef2c35d28c0b5da287461c6b78d542e3f15a
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