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r11221 Avatar ccw808 master • Added server option to allow locally modified (gta3.img) vehicles
12 March, 201738fdbb56f840325f1c4e101b8165b20808a9bfd9
r11220 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix window jumping between monitors in multi-monitor configs
11 March, 2017142d5279d89d0b766bf3d55e9a2c1e48c0873e94
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix cursor restoring behavior
11 March, 2017d6474bcfd4ac52cc7de4175289861d797a4d528e
r11218 Avatar ccw808 master • Improved performance of dxGetPixelsSize(). Fixed wildcard matching for Linux FindFiles.
9 March, 2017050a11e4f4cba58593283a64d239dd6f97c87a6c
r11217 Avatar ccw808 master • Added option to enable fakelag command for testing sync issues
8 March, 2017a99fa0afa3b55e84f15aed335ab542520f39126d
Avatar Fernando master • Applying change of type of latent events percentage (#115)
• * Applying change of type of latent events percentage

8 March, 2017f74059df6954383574f645ee92b387546455a836
r11215 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed compile error introduced in e97317 (Added DEBUG as _DEBUG is only available with debug runtime)
3 March, 201709b3cf1f22f2d854c5985ea01941da7a78b53b17
r11205 Avatar ccw808 master • Added automatic dead zone adjustment for joystick axis to help prevent unwanted movement
28 February, 2017120d690f51c33be27d05c4dbbacd5546123a50f2
r11204 Avatar Jusonex master • Add GetResourceFilePath to publicsdk
27 February, 2017c5a5cc288556389f4700d0542b52a146a5d30816
r11203 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9549 (Erroneous fromJSON parsing) ?
27 February, 2017859e10026ba6efc1762886a190be41680dc746a0
r11201 Avatar Jusonex master • Add working GetResourceName to publicsdk
26 February, 2017552dc6d58c213d7001df7b8fd669907af71971ae
r11200 Avatar ccw808 master • Added support for more special detections
26 February, 20179b6187b3c2eaa655624254f8d83acb35b31243e7
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