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r10995 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #103 from 4O4/bugfix/client-file-get-path
• Fix client's fileGetPath() FormatException
24 December, 20163da958854b793de0a8e0060d0b6ff6d4ac75cb10
Avatar 4O4 master • Fix client's fileGetPath() FormatException
• FormatException is returned when getting path of files residing in another
• resource. This happens because `CResource::GetName` is of different type on
24 December, 201675f13a5cc830e9422d7d7d6a0aa94a9066ce24bd
r10993 Avatar ccw master • Merge pull request #98 from 4O4/client-console-keep-selection
• Keep text selection in client console
24 December, 20169ba3d1edddb71072dc842797f2172177f4096a73
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9505 (Client can send string instead of number)
24 December, 2016db388b0b70cd94220731a9cc22a9184d7ae66dce
r10989 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
23 December, 20168add83d8dc608bbb4f16584e6e7d486d6e0873e5
r10986 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #97 from 4O4/sirenparams-oop-client
• Add missing getVehicleSirenParams OOP defs
22 December, 2016640a44f8baf2cc5ebcf8b37980c8295125a9d800
Avatar Jusonex master • Squash-merge branch 'feature/cef-sandbox'
22 December, 201629661a10dae08ebf42844f88b61aee96a1a765f0
r10969 Avatar ccw808 master • Removed unused code
22 December, 2016f7e02f1cca6da391b86b2bf31e1e1bd86bacf05c
r10968 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed getAccounts() not working in coroutines
21 December, 2016afca7a74923faaf7458ef9393cd52c73329f8714
r10967 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9500 (attachElements doesn't work for camera in non-zero dimensions)
20 December, 2016b04291b8c7a0caa937efbd9fda70843b91dcaab8
r10966 Avatar ccw808 master • Crash fix test for invalid entities in render list
20 December, 2016424f68f0a192346ddae52cd4e60e6efc2e7a6973
r10965 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9476 (guiCreateMemo can't type some languages into memo boxes)
19 December, 2016b075a56b894a06a9498923ea8283413a6423386d
r10964 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
18 December, 20167a841fc23ffd92918b6aed602d912fd9a0e75c54
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