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r11814 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed dxGetStatus().SettingWindowed sometimes being incorrect. Added dxGetStatus().SettingFullScreenStyle
1 January, 2018baf8f2590f67397b498d5a7f3479ab4dff8d659a
r11813 Avatar Marek Kulik master • ???? Bump year to 2018
31 December, 2017c89bad1321f34b3b64d343de4ef6e528985f8ad2
r11812 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Revert "Make CLuaTimer, CLuaTimerManager shared"
• This reverts commit e89882a5460a5e36a703985f2167b82df0a7945f.
28 December, 201742eb3acb2e7a4f20fcb327ac4af8e94a28cc5129
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Revert "Fix linux build?"
• This reverts commit a8372e069ae82110312a1b1a0246e33a42498fda.
28 December, 2017cd4e045cd1672bbbfafd799507fddfd986656032
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix linux build?
28 December, 2017a8372e069ae82110312a1b1a0246e33a42498fda
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Make CLuaTimer, CLuaTimerManager shared
28 December, 2017e89882a5460a5e36a703985f2167b82df0a7945f
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix line endings of CClientVariables
28 December, 2017b76e23bf32e30a48d98e08fddb3c3e8d0fc8c5e6
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Apply last commit to Client
28 December, 20172ec69bc2fad2b32883252f601545defbaab50fcb
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Parse LUA_TTHREAD arguments as LUA_TNIL
28 December, 2017044130f2b9c9a843bf280b4020cf08e593c998b2
r11805 Avatar Justus H master • Fix Linux compile errors
21 December, 201747a21cfc351c5fa0aa3ab54d535389301ff8423d
Avatar ccw808 master • Small fixes
21 December, 20172ea37134ea3787fa0995020f2b10acae85b54232
Avatar ccw808 master • Added Server SDK project. Remove unused code.
21 December, 20170ae639e2bce27ad071c9938f03f68464f3e095a3
r11802 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Copy line label text in CGraphStats
18 December, 2017d02e9dfda17ac7c1ecbdf5c04adf0a390ffa677a
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Show line labels for CGraphStats
18 December, 2017fc8b1e5b8bec9726ebe5d24f215c5a381249eb30
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Catch a variety of exceptions in CLuaMain::PCall and log these
17 December, 2017b76d05fe27ca778f42c267551d5241d39939ba2d
r11799 Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.3239.1700.g385b2d4 (Chromium 63.0.3239.70)
17 December, 201740008403682cd17603676b7cffe263568574a83d
r11798 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Default-initialize stack variable in CIdArray::PopUniqueId
• Furthermore, prevent any slight possibility of reference invalidation in CStack::Pop and add a sanity check for CIdArray::PushUniqueId
15 December, 201713c1eb3d5c8fc02b1afc391ab20f44b874b3873f
r11797 Avatar ccw808 master • Improved client fetchRemote reliability
12 December, 20175489947f4881984de80fc952c0c2ea9db85d080a
r11790 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed curl not requesting compressed datum
8 December, 20177d5d6f25fc68bde273b15bc8295d60b578a49bc8
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Added memory dump for CIdArray assert case
8 December, 20176054fc736444a5ad3ebe73668894b5b2bd5d24a6
r11788 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix tiny memory leak in CAudioContainerLookupTableSA
6 December, 2017e10efa20dd2442b4aacc7f92a123442544c3c26c
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