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r11667 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #9681 (Unable to hear proper engine sounds when sitting in car as passenger)
15 August, 2017415972818a39e317bc7ebadf23ac277a46dd2530
r11664 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9705 (coroutine.resume returns only the first value returned by the coroutine)
13 August, 201733bb0793a978fae3708882bd634acc55a6b83beb
r11657 Avatar ccw808 master • Modified launch patcher to work with more exe variants
10 August, 2017a05370e6e65682983cb7271a604ea687090b8dbf
Avatar ccw808 master • Enabled threaded resolver for Linux curl
10 August, 2017f71610e59c6b9ac7274bfa77d269297df4dd0fad
r11655 Avatar Justus H master • Merge pull request #156 from Sergeanur/locfix
• Using localized strings for 'Process priority' setting
7 August, 20179a53841682c316158de6a96a6d5656b5d525ad4f
Avatar Sergeanur master • Using localized strings for 'Process priority' setting
6 August, 2017b706b72540ac641358a015a74115c7958da5dd26
r11653 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
31 July, 20171eb44340eadc80648547b4380bb14d0174333d84
r11651 Avatar Jusonex master • Addendum to previous commit (Make Lua symbols visible)
30 July, 2017f0d8491d25b21d345e116363bc1b47ce1cb09f9d
Avatar Jusonex master • Make Lua symbols visible (possible fix for #9695)
30 July, 20173ed9de48ddb004a63f21ee7a5bedc78fa14cc50b
r11631 Avatar Jusonex master • Tweak soundEnable PR a bit
29 July, 2017222bd4cb6b286378c129bb34dca903f650e26c68
Avatar ZReC master • Add "soundEnable" parameter to createEffect function (#147)
• For the reason of this comment:
• Https://
29 July, 2017a10305d90f96446187d905a1a6351cc02758a019
r11629 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix os.get() deprecation warning in utils/buildactions/install_data.lua
28 July, 201768b09f68b46a2e43af3552a662669b5449331224
Avatar Jusonex master • Upgrade travis' clang
28 July, 2017f6a9f057988d8af0dfb357d888c6f425a6593afb
Avatar Jusonex master • Remove end_of_line=crlf from .editorconfig
• Git handles it fine already
28 July, 201749f1865421c91019d738979aea448bb167931f9d
Avatar Jusonex master • Make usage of MTAEXPORT macro consistent
28 July, 20177108dc0a79a4b99d6711d80a372f041fb247ddea
Avatar Jusonex master • Squash-merge bugfix/linux-std-io
28 July, 20171910304123a31577d6b1423077c0a3d882414833
Avatar Jusonex master • Disable .vscode unignores
28 July, 20179f62d13680c9b9924601905025c8498461df432f
r11618 Avatar darkdreamingdan master • Potential fix for #9353 (crouchbug workaround)
26 July, 2017a9829112706cebb4346cdfc4eb2c9b15d2a3a490
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Add gitignore exceptions for so/dll/exe files
25 July, 2017f4e72f9786e13bb8c3e9c0fb02231d994c8eacdd
Avatar Qais Patankar master • generate gitignore using
25 July, 201769046f4bea0a86a827b49bcd243872e466617b1d
r11615 Avatar Qais Patankar master • add vscode to gitignore
24 July, 20174924958b5abd7ee09a57907ac372f2fcc93cbba2
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed memory leak and crash in password functions
24 July, 2017b9634423e69f6ac1d43fc8c6fecaf3a8920243e8
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