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r11164 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed VS problem
31 January, 201774a294718acd9ee14067fe1d6dd8b196acbea0de
r11163 Avatar ccw808 master • Test fix for crash in EHSServer::CheckClientSockets
30 January, 2017a50f961aa493c7489e8933a581452a6bbf175dea
r11155 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Updated detours to 3.0"
• This reverts commit dfd8f6b45a034cc6de61ee6f749fa20a5f829e42.
28 January, 20174d15d024a3655ab7cddd53d12357031bd1b1dc14
r11154 Avatar ccw808 master • Improved D3D hook error message
28 January, 2017672e6760fe4f57c05930631e9eaf3d7d18fbe351
r11151 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed Linux compile error
25 January, 2017f28150018ff6e495bc8c685d3306f48b716a4bf5
r11139 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed a startup crash
18 January, 20174e81b3e75e8dd711e7cfbf34b3d73dbadd80208e
r11138 Avatar ccw master • Merge pull request #104 from 4O4/max-password-length
• Remove max password length limit for server accounts
11 January, 20173a4d137c4454e2c63fb4c6cd17bf0eea0ce50661
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9520: (SQLite or MySQL make the server freeze if the connection is lost)
• Added named queue option to dbConnect
17 January, 201758e993de158a9f1ae4341df4a9af023708e3cbb6
r11070 Avatar ccw808 master • Removed legacy registry settings & refactor
10 January, 201770728ade8da5a3a9613e22bbd849d97b9ab44e66
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed Linux compile error from dfd8f6 (Updated detours to 3.0)
10 January, 2017fe640854da01f896462b2c3fe05fa7b5b97e6dfa
r11068 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated detours to 3.0
8 January, 2017dfd8f6b45a034cc6de61ee6f749fa20a5f829e42
Avatar ccw master • Merge pull request #102 from 4O4/bugfix/client-console-input-scroll
• Fix input horizontal scroll during history navigation in client console
8 January, 201750c30968626ad0015d6e6e8a1c7cef827860c498
r11062 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9519 (Authserial outputs some messages two times)
7 January, 2017b12cb0aadf35059535dd81de551125aa6fa0df9e
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