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r7892 Avatar ccw master • Added more info to file mismatch warning
9 March, 20165928e8333ebee0f7b8b6e38e5d8e259b6291fb80
Avatar ccw master • Tweaked logic of client resource file validation
9 March, 20167cf7575cfc5afd6218029374e66c043fbf378cc9
Avatar ccw master • Removed warning for .png files with JPEG contents
9 March, 20162ec064488555e46ecaf8c6c88c6c2389a4aa87d0
Avatar ccw master • Changed remaining errors to warnings
9 March, 201659652fb05adbb3143e19062990e0eb08e198b72e
Avatar Jusonex master • Merge pull request #32 from mabako/cef-navigate-flag
• #9173 add a flag to onClientBrowserNavigate() to indicate whether the page is loaded in the browser's main frame
5 March, 2016a9aaa66e93966a6e373cb76c3a5c372ec44cf6c3
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