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r16598 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
19 March, 20191f5e9f8d45815f42db4cbc35fb00ee755ef30582
Avatar Qais Patankar master • 7000 fix issue tracker link in
14 March, 201958946669be0a2214fa474d379d1bcf375a62ddee
r16596 Avatar Qais Patankar master • github: automatically add labels to issues
12 March, 20198c97359ee019b82e3109f16e58f3a2d02d98842a
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Show an error for userdata arguments in triggerServerEvent
12 March, 2019f9a17006309cfb0a941754265e2218a59f93356c
r16588 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
10 March, 2019f3cb275af6d3c7e99e52e3bbab581ff871473b76
r16587 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix #839: Read the correct amount of bytes in CPedRPCs::SetPedAnimationSpeed
• Thanks to Dero#0367 for pointing it out
9 March, 201951fa4a2db7e389b44641fb2523888190dc5e57bb
Avatar saml1er master • Remove Smotra code added in 5b1da080d2078e33ddc741a78d89df574bd354b9
9 March, 201917b7abf4d5ba0d8efeb5475ff942a1626fb9d428
r16585 Avatar ccw808 master • Added server kick messages for localization
9 March, 201937087bc95e708372deacf35ddbc8269725ae86fe
r16584 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed some source formatting
8 March, 20190ade3c75469ad19c74207290f85c341b3c65ef68
r16572 Avatar Necktrox master • Fix client/server ped dead-state inconsistency (PR #140)
7 March, 20195b257f9a40e84b898f17c6124f8e0740770d1df1
r16571 Avatar ccw808 master • Added alternate file rename strategy for when MoveFile fails with access denied
7 March, 2019e9ce827def7b4dc5dcd97f3ac4e8fd22c3b234ea
r16570 Avatar ccw808 master • Added error code to fileRename failed message
7 March, 20193a7c803936d54636c58aec677d99cbbac68a4ff3
r16569 Avatar sbx320 master • Clamp default number of threads in SharedUtil.ThreadPool
6 March, 20195519837c2deb6432afa84fbfa6f603b4d8133cac
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add Azure Pipelines status badge
6 March, 2019d47332e88ef0e7285a9f7f257710fe864424ff74
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