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r18695 Avatar saml1er master Addendum to previous commit
Fix handle leak
27 June, 2019
Avatar saml1er master Set HW Breakpoint to find cause of Misc13 crash
Misc13 is an old function in CMultiplayerSA_CrashFixHacks.cpp which is trying to avert an ancient animation crash, but since the avertion has no effect, the crash happens anyway, and which is probably why we have so many anim crashes on various offsets.
After getting some new dumps, we got nice information. Animation groups are getting corrupted (100% confirmed), we need to find out what is corrupting the members of the animation groups.
27 June, 2019
Avatar Qais Patankar master checker: add all new funcs until 16c855029e22c6b56
27 June, 2019
Avatar Qais Patankar master Remove onClientElementHitByWaterCannon deprecation notice
This was added during the development of v1.5.5.
27 June, 2019
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