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r16570 Avatar ccw808 master • Added error code to fileRename failed message
7 March, 20193a7c803936d54636c58aec677d99cbbac68a4ff3
r16569 Avatar sbx320 master • Clamp default number of threads in SharedUtil.ThreadPool
6 March, 20195519837c2deb6432afa84fbfa6f603b4d8133cac
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add Azure Pipelines status badge
6 March, 2019d47332e88ef0e7285a9f7f257710fe864424ff74
r16567 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #842 from StrixG/fix/setsoundpanningenabled
• Fix setSoundPanningEnabled not working when using it right after playSound3D
3 March, 2019b061dfd75148c64516d137438135e40411900c35
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix iterator invalidation in CClientPed::RestoreAnimations
3 March, 201956ead0bd4191c143d789087b454b88baf99996a9
Avatar Nikita Obrekht master • Fix setSoundPanningEnabled not working when using it right after playing 3D sound
3 March, 201921a2c4030d6bb139b00a1268d4b12dbf446e21df
r16564 Avatar ccw808 master • Delete old update files instead of moving to the recycle bin
27 February, 2019576a5fb3d379eade1068e68a8873b10459a64834
r16563 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed incorrect progress display for updater download
26 February, 2019557b636bd219ba6cfcb51531fce6503c18de9015
r16557 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add a warning for invalid parameters to [gui]createBrowser
24 February, 20192336f780e6dcd250e2aecfe81fe9e5f95ca5d1d4
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix #814: Enforce browser render item minimum size of 1x1
21 February, 20198665a722e6bb68b5372377525d121ef476c7ba01
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • 0009139: fix invalid model ID in engine LOD functions cause a crash (#299)
• * Error out if model ID is over 20000 until we have a more permanent solution
• * New issue opened at to discuss how to permanently solve this issue up the chain
24 February, 2019944ecde8b372e684b23326ea1d2e4946faef5b5f
r16554 Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • testLineAgainstWater crash fix (#836)
• * Add additional out of bounds check in line segment / grid intersection

23 February, 2019b9258a18497c8c2402507ef8da16d3d22ce21bc2
r16542 Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Attempt to fix client curl crash described in #831
• * Cherry-picked curl change from
• - Potentially two more commits that have to be cherry-picked into our build from curl master to completely wipe out this crash, but we will see.
22 February, 201951b946da58bd298e74faa992c570600f2b6b4d67
Avatar Pascal Stcker master • Update CI
• Updates Travis CI to use Xenial as base distro
• Updates clang (Travis) to 6.0
22 February, 201936f686df7b33187b6e863dee4e56bec2b1d72e47
r16540 Avatar sbx320 master • Reload zipped resources on restart if changed
• Fixes #830
21 February, 201941243a08c57dac3bcc6797d7f8b50091572abdda
Avatar emre1702 master • Fix serversided getWeather on blend
24 June, 201805e2d217262865daa9edef820b479e4b5f25aaee
Avatar unknown master • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
24 June, 2018829a4bfcd621b5a0f79c04680bffc6ec5a3f1c51
Avatar unknown master • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
18 June, 2018322b0623a845dbd465cc87c15e9c4675e99f0175
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Update CLuaColShapeDefs.cpp
30 May, 20188366fcdfa6d26eb83a71a976330373e1df549128
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • space remove
30 May, 2018db4ca715e7f56f58bab58d2ca428b420b6d6f53c
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Merge branch 'master' into colshape-type
30 May, 20187371c6988e06e07b697b2814f8cbad6fe045d02c
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • string enum and fixed variable name
18 May, 201837b8bf53deba84492990ed3177d565b5ba4ef492
Avatar TEDERIs master • Extending the ColShape class with point checking functionality
16 May, 20183ed17dfc433cca80941499a568ae8e78394fbd38
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • changed according Necktrox advices
6 March, 201876174d18f8b088c52d093c9c2bac76cfdbf8da0d
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • shape type function
6 March, 201805e6458187fb782347cc1749e01ac0977cfd383e
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Merge pull request #1 from multitheftauto/master
• Account Manager crash fix
20 November, 2017705739baf5535766bb72ea1acd0828c4a2d647fc
r16535 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Revert "Don't call onClientElementStreamIn for already streamed-in elements (PR #825)"
• This reverts commit 827845f05b073d33550dd51a429d222a879aaa17.
18 February, 201966823bd0911c14ed5567a3a9d424c057dbcfbe21
Avatar sbx320 master • Prefer a thread pool for resource file hashing over std::async
• std::async appears to not use a thread pool behind the scenes on Linux, which starts
• too many threads when loading a large resource
20 February, 2019ff9ba8bc9253432debaa3a165b6d355f4a973393
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