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r11615 Avatar Qais Patankar master • add vscode to gitignore
24 July, 20174924958b5abd7ee09a57907ac372f2fcc93cbba2
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed memory leak and crash in password functions
24 July, 2017b9634423e69f6ac1d43fc8c6fecaf3a8920243e8
r11593 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix loading of aircraft SFX breaks other engine SFX
• (Addendum to d2ab55fa5772c5dcf24e692e1c45bb1499963d31)
15 July, 20173ee2ef8535448c233fa1d32db7d740e1ca06b2f9
r11566 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Floor chat position coordinates
8 July, 201713b02d6bf1fec2a156018fc636123a1a01726494
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated version stats
9 July, 201703e832ab3fcdfa2871d239a1beba36c2302e907b
r11564 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuid
8 July, 20171388ed4ff34694bdc79c3bfcccc5cd7b851f8f9d
r11563 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add player element for onClientChatMessage (#138)
4 July, 20178c7095599c6d54784692bf93a1e6c7f56392c323
Avatar Qais Patankar master • chmod +x a couple executables
4 July, 201787b67d16c8badfdd04b5bdabb792a05048252907
Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #4166 (Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing...) (#128)
• * Fix #4166 (Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing unless you get in a Helicopter or plane)

4 July, 2017d2ab55fa5772c5dcf24e692e1c45bb1499963d31
Avatar lopezloo master • Merge pull request #81 from lopezloo/bugfix/warpPedIntoVehicle-tasks
• Improve task reset in warpPedIntoVehicle
4 July, 201706a376841a96ad022050397eb38fd2cbb0359e88
r11550 Avatar Qais Patankar master • change erroneous isResourceArchived return from `false` to `nil`
4 July, 2017e85353ef38f187f72180c100b4df0e6cc55ebd96
Avatar Stefano Aguilera master • Add server-side isResourceArchived function (#144)
• * Added isResourceZip Function serverside

3 July, 20176697ca98006197ce060418e517dea4c0cd45290b
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Merge pull request #130 from Necktrox/feature/chatbox-position
• Add chatbox position settings
3 July, 2017c12aea392e1acb7c7482d1580af85ae5a74be84b
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Merge pull request #145 from Necktrox/fix/player-is-joined-warning
• Show a warning if a script modifies a non-joined player
3 July, 2017fa50dcf325cb6c8b7651eb499cbaaf092b64120d
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Merge branch 'master' into feature/chatbox-position
3 July, 20170e7cd50ac72e4afeb30bf15123aa66264e417fcc
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Make README only suggest EditorConfig on older VS versions
3 July, 20171a8bafcc77bcc5ae31d796e25d84befb8b4f91f3
r11528 Avatar Jusonex master • Update
3 July, 2017a6940112c9ab1f5caddecda1e3b578a12150dd4e
r11524 Avatar Jusonex master • Force rebuild
3 July, 20175626fd5f9a1228811b1e3e3590f5ad4d169f9308
Avatar sbx320 master • Changed resource.h encoding from UCS-2 LE BOM to UTF-8 due to clang troubles
3 July, 2017fc411cd418f0df65c3bcd56067990222dc8e0732
r11516 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated outline option for chat text
2 July, 2017bb56eabc847e5f8c34c81d959c01d6035b13a889
r11514 Avatar Jusonex master • Addendum to last commit (Linux mysql fix)
1 July, 20176fdb55ccbeee66996eb86d4e54cdd865ad3c22f5
Avatar Jusonex master • Possible fix for dbConnect not working with 'mysql' on Linux
1 July, 20173ccaadbdd4758ad6094c58bed99c00c9900c8e6d
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