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r12382 Avatar Jusonex master • CEF: Disable JavaScript DOM pasting
10 July, 2018f2562788e401a870d11fa12340329371e2a0db58
Avatar ccw808 master • Refactored global variables storage
10 July, 2018a08504bdc30ae33c4226f8985de1531bc629f047
Avatar Emre Kara master • Fix having to use bindKey twice at user-changed key (#237)
10 July, 2018df1133540e559035fd9a92bd2c81466ca2883572
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #235 from Dutchman101/master
• Updated BASS library
10 July, 20181c7d3b1dc36f6ece6f70c8642aee2ec2e94282c0
Avatar Dutchman101 master • Fixed BASS.dll MD5 hash
10 July, 20186bb5a5504f0d27128221be75a5b2893203371474
Avatar Dutchman101 master • Updated BASS library
10 July, 2018e9f67c5d97b6f401f147c814f46087f679458835
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