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r14493 Avatar sbx320 master • Fix Linux crash in getElementMatrix introduced in 339eb59c5f254fd3bdeb0c4854ccd796023e1063
25 September, 201801213c76a1b5cb53f1b82487d0ff59f4ba45056e
Avatar Sam R master • Restore get/setObjectMass functions (#589)
• Partially reverts a9e489637db84fbd52da30156c3001cb25c8621b
25 September, 2018bc62ae1c5b68bde3167ba61b2f215d53d17560b7
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Add obj:setProperty oopdef
25 September, 2018b6c4d0ef8b896c1ef756a7bdac69792d8b1339cd
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Add samr46 to creds
25 September, 20189b785a818d43aa5235433c046f4fb64f651736d4
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