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r12356 Avatar saml1er master • Delete .gitignore
• Pushed this file accidently
6 July, 2018f7279b2ce95d841ca0cb6235411a388d4a87b314
Avatar idanish master • Fix nullptr check before return in CAnimMangerSA methods
• - This is a part of rewriting CAnimMangerSA methods, dynamic memory allocation was used along with raw pointers, so I switched to std::unique_ptr which requires us to return nullptr for the method if the interface is NULL after calling the function from memory.
• - Applied Source Formatting
6 July, 2018def10efeacad4221ded22b4f400d908641182472
Avatar idanish master • Fix CAnimBlendAssociation leak and CAnimBlendHierarchy limit
6 July, 20188512aa6166793d6b1a94a91845a1c1de5166fe7d
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #223 from patrikjuvonen/issue-9849
• 0009849: add some missing Vehicle class methods
6 July, 2018149a0ad00f35d5ea622dc926de906a2a9981c427
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • CLuaVehicleDefs: add missing Vehicle class methods client-side
6 July, 2018d618755437420bfef6a8e6f1c047937f8ba5de2a
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