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r11563 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add player element for onClientChatMessage (#138)
4 July, 20178c7095599c6d54784692bf93a1e6c7f56392c323
Avatar Qais Patankar master • chmod +x a couple executables
4 July, 201787b67d16c8badfdd04b5bdabb792a05048252907
Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #4166 (Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing...) (#128)
• * Fix #4166 (Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing unless you get in a Helicopter or plane)

4 July, 2017d2ab55fa5772c5dcf24e692e1c45bb1499963d31
Avatar lopezloo master • Merge pull request #81 from lopezloo/bugfix/warpPedIntoVehicle-tasks
• Improve task reset in warpPedIntoVehicle
4 July, 201706a376841a96ad022050397eb38fd2cbb0359e88
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