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r11348 Avatar Jusonex master • Rebuild ped for visual stats (in setPedStat)
14 May, 201727c60322af7ebc165a9cce7985b89edd9746d9dc
Avatar Arran master • setPedStat for client side peds (#109)
• * setPedStat for client side peds

14 May, 2017b7f1468aa882a51b434b5cc91978a1ead0e0c5f7
Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #8458 (setObjectBreakable - Melee problem) (#137)
14 May, 20176343316702b7ea9d90beb49ff6e89fa743d5f51c
Avatar ccw808 master • Addendum to 1a23a62 (Added to fetchRemote: username/password, redirection)
14 May, 20171a1d04ddf3167a92d2021ef8bff731b8f748465b
Avatar ccw808 master • Added to fetchRemote: username/password, redirection
14 May, 20171a23a6250f655a3181ef612d4c9d1cdf9cbe5f97
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed Linux compile error and some warnings
14 May, 2017b0814cd0df7488b76236e9f4be5e0ff9a625f613
Avatar ccw808 master • Added to fetchRemote: request method, request headers and response headers
14 May, 2017ffa943c043ddd9d4e3a49b55a13218091862e02b
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