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r11323 Avatar Jusonex master • Properly fix swapped colors
1 May, 2017709525caae49b90ca7e846fb69f6950c8a0dd322
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Explain c20d2adc5 in code
• The MemSet was commented out because of mantis#8590, gh#124, see c20d2adc5614201c6e76c4a2e41651dafa54ec87.
1 May, 2017c0e2fe1dd9b1860aa1bee1b023a79b715887fb5c
Avatar Jusonex master • Possible fix for swapped red and blue channels in browser views
1 May, 20173d21fc968c468744214f104ab6de3ec8f610c68c
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