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r11277 Avatar Jusonex master • Windows compile fix
14 April, 201731b740c49f510aacf34c596530ab6ef3095a759b
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix Linux compilation
13 April, 2017050c5478c27648a8114004f578264a4dfd08e648
Avatar Jusonex master • Implement 'passwordHash' and 'passwordVerify'
13 April, 2017422246213e10cba3e64eb9ef39ae787051c0501a
Avatar Jusonex master • Add CScriptArgReader::ReadStringMap
13 April, 2017ca791c47b2cba6861494e019cb053908d8ced2a5
Avatar ccw808 master • Changed authserial to enabled by default.
• Added mtaserver.conf IP exceptions option for auth serial http protection.
• Added mtaserver.conf owner email address option.
13 April, 2017546d5738acd4f3c61a6bbdcd47c02285659c9ec0
Avatar ccw808 master • Logging update + refactor
13 April, 2017fe0d97c98f9bff21cd7a709a143c4ef1b9b45de9
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