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r11958 Avatar ccw808 master • Added exe name variant to the installer
6 April, 20188e1ca4e30acb3901f787e2581599319d0ba8ee5f
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
6 April, 2018ceb5698fd869f05275e7846c5bac89ce29c9535a
r11956 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix some lock_guards not locking correctly
5 April, 2018591f600a4c3b772317786be4b984bb2333bfe2a0
r11955 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations. Added Ukrainian translation.
4 April, 2018ea5f0a19ad37c67e7cdfc7144e65325ee50bff96
r11946 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed crash caused by calling client-side setPlayerNametagShowing with a ped
3 April, 2018554a27d5bd8ac9f564b84d2449e6e56d88b0d762
Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Added debug logging for crash investigation"
• This reverts commit e29b13a9ca0fd4c722f7653a24a1f184e65ebd43.
3 April, 2018035084cae439583e3d26157daa2452c0e5cb4673
r11944 Avatar ccw808 master • Added debug logging for crash investigation
3 April, 2018e29b13a9ca0fd4c722f7653a24a1f184e65ebd43
r11943 Avatar ccw808 master • Added workaround for Visual Studio inline bug
1 April, 2018cd5b740f033a92eed980f57fcbecbf02f1ff024f
r11942 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Revert "Fixed client crash caused by destroying markers during hit/leave events""
• This reverts commit 30f8fa9b26d43bec0238be989cc1a949e7dbeb0e.
1 April, 20187e23ac175f8259d9775b4956585bbe46cbb64938
r11941 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Fixed client crash caused by destroying markers during hit/leave events"
• This reverts commit 984ea46831b9c4c9582748907db481d61190c6d9.
30 March, 201830f8fa9b26d43bec0238be989cc1a949e7dbeb0e
r11940 Avatar ccw808 master • Crash fixes
30 March, 201889f742d4ec21494c94bc5ff77fe313a746adf802
r11934 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed error when loading certain jpeg files with unicode username
28 March, 2018c5e5cc4ef00fa9d56e4d08ac802db7125e49d68d
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