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r20328 Avatar Nikita Obrekht master Increase max characters for kick and ban reason to 128 (#1084)
Also remove unused BAN/KICK_REASON_LENGTH from client
22 October, 2019
Avatar CrosRoad95 master Add dxDrawWiredSphere function (#1052)
22 October, 2019
r20326 Avatar Marek Kulik master Prevent iterator invalidation in CUnoccupiedVehicleSync::Update
21 October, 2019
r20325 Avatar sbx320 master Use VS2019 (v142 Toolset) by default
Update Azure Pipelines to use the VS2019 Image
Remove remaining XP compatibility from premake5.lua files
17 October, 2019
r20324 Avatar Dutchman101 master Updated BASS libraries
• Crash fixes (popularity of few hundred)
18 October, 2019
r20323 Avatar ccw808 master Fixed sounds in other dimensions being streamed in
18 October, 2019
Avatar ccw808 master Revert "Fixed #1124 - DDoS like behaviour with playSound3D"
This reverts commit afb2a70213ace2f209ad2c5e9c76f4356a4ca829.
18 October, 2019
r20321 Avatar ccw808 master Fixed #1124 - DDoS like behaviour with playSound3D
This reverts commit 7f9d551e8ffc12bd1fa0a5b6a7927e6d807d2cef.
18 October, 2019
r20320 Avatar ccw808 master Efficiency tweaks for getRemoteRequestInfo
12 October, 2019
r20319 Avatar Marek Kulik master Move door undamageable hook to CDamageManager::ProgressDoorDamage
You could enter a locked car through visible doors with the old CAutomobile::SetDoorDamage hook
11 October, 2019
Avatar Marek Kulik master Add option to disable spawning components by setVehicleDoorState
11 October, 2019
Avatar Marek Kulik master Fix #262: setVehicleDoorsUndamageable does nothing
Replaced the hacky vehicle lock approach with a proper solution by adding a member variable to CVehicleSA and a multiplayer_sa hook for CAutomobile::SetDoorDamage.
11 October, 2019
Avatar ccw808 master Include fetchRemote downloads from stopped/restarted resources in getRemoteRequests.
Automatically cancel large fetchRemote downloads from stopped/restarted resources.
11 October, 2019
Avatar ccw808 master Removed unused code in CRemoteCalls
11 October, 2019
r20314 Avatar Jusonex master Update CEF to 77.1.12+gc63c001+chromium-77.0.3865.90
9 October, 2019
r20313 Avatar ccw808 master Add version requirements for remote request functions
7 October, 2019
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