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Committed Changes
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r18677 Avatar Marek Kulik master Fix crash in CClientPed::IsReloadingWeapon
23 June, 2019
r18676 Avatar ccw808 master Addendum to 1846671a (Fix invalid GameUX URL for Windows 7)
22 June, 2019
r18675 Avatar Dutchman101 master Updated BASS library
Includes performance optimizations
20 June, 2019
r18674 Avatar ccw808 master Addendum to 7808dfb8 (Possible CEF crash fix by making UTF16ToMbUTF8 handle nullptr)
18 June, 2019
Avatar ccw808 master Possible CEF crash fix by making UTF16ToMbUTF8 handle nullptr
18 June, 2019
Avatar CrosRoad95 master Disable forboden programs checks in debug mode (#999)
Co-Authored-By: Qais Patankar <>
18 June, 2019
r18671 Avatar ccw808 master Fix invalid GameUX URL for Windows 7
17 June, 2019
r18670 Avatar master Fix typo in previous commit
14 June, 2019
Avatar sbx320 master Fix undefinied behavior in SharedUtil.ThreadPool
This didn't have any relevant impact, but created an annoying gcc warning
14 June, 2019
r18668 Avatar Jusonex master Update CEF to 75.0.6+g90ecd35+chromium-75.0.3770.80
13 June, 2019
Avatar Jusonex master Tweak CEF download URL format
13 June, 2019
r18664 Avatar ccw808 master Revert "Remove redundant check on CNetAPI::DoPulse (#970)"
This reverts commit b970ccbf7ba19d3c3921c16f120a6abbf42eb631.
13 June, 2019
r18660 Avatar Qais Patankar master Revert "Sync player even if it is dead (#964)"
Fixes #989. Re-opens #928.
This reverts commit 84755395a2a0d286536b7dacb75010c2642ee41b.
11 June, 2019
r18574 Avatar ccw808 master Fix CEGUI exit crash
9 June, 2019
Avatar Qais Patankar master Fix #983 "crash on join server"
The `$ IgnoreFreeLibrary<client.dll>` entry in
9 June, 2019
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