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r14693 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
18 October, 201870bb9247180e5c409cc687c8c5fb467b72247c79
Avatar ccw808 master • Refactored CNetHTTPDownloadManagerInterface::QueueFile usage
18 October, 2018d994b80cec6f6200ec16453663daca5157f6472e
r14691 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #648 (Spaces in MTA:SA repository path parent folders causes certain projects to error on copying post-build files)
13 October, 201859b1d30a26f54561a291a96236d1a42cf0f76ce2
r14690 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix few things not working outside the world bounds
12 October, 2018662613429017b722a4a1f11cc58394e22db3fdef
r14689 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #634 (dbPrepareString replaces ? and ?? with single quotes)
12 October, 2018c17a52a1d936652516782a8995a05de2a5e75918
r14688 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Fixed #634 (dbPrepareString replaces ? and ?? with single quotes)"
• This reverts commit aa7239e452b06fc61c6efd274a8b8c2a56babf75.
11 October, 2018e8073430218a5cc4148d75bb64cc3cbbbed9dd62
r14687 Avatar Marek Kulik master • BASS vendor update
10 October, 20182c61f8ec8be9e22f31b4fab1238dec1231f77bcd
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Don't override an element's custom dimension in a map (fixes #640)
10 October, 20182e332ab4a8afa6890d892195bcabfb0862d9fba5
r14685 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #634 (dbPrepareString replaces ? and ?? with single quotes)
8 October, 2018aa7239e452b06fc61c6efd274a8b8c2a56babf75
r14684 Avatar Dutchman101 master • BASS vendor updates (#641)
8 October, 201884e7e7620a8acef280029d6cd6f0aa1e2b54929d
r14683 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Allow debug messages in on(Client)DebugMessage (fixes #639)
7 October, 201881b64e3e0d0ceb9435f5848d10d0b6a7451f00b4
r14664 Avatar ccw808 master • Added .msu files to autoupdater
2 October, 20187a066053523688d4edba8ff54be243de43c6537c
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #631 (dxDrawCircle ratio parameter hard to calculate). Ratio now only scales the circle width
2 October, 2018e1980abfb34a0543e465745b031af21d58a41c6d
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