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r12246 Avatar Octalype master • Add client-side function extinguishAllFires
• Also moved Fire functions to CLuaFireDefs
27 June, 20187838b7b028f87248a7cd37f82fe1241bbc393ebc
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Add client-side function extinguishFireInRadius (#207)
27 June, 201840118f7875516304ff585c4c9ef360a7e887ca41
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #204 from emre1702/Fix_getWeather_after_blend_#5204
• #5204 - Fix Weather blending at server
25 June, 20184398a0eac1619f971d7f02bbdf0177c5daf6d12d
r12240 Avatar Sergeanur master • Fixed 'stream_title' meta tag when the playback is started (#206)
25 June, 2018bf22895a3bcc0ccb2e507479dca577d3e934683a
r12226 Avatar ccw808 master • Added bass files to nightly installer (light-build)
24 June, 20186152f14a3c91bc364ff38d27e08595e0ef7a7547
r12225 Avatar Emre Kara master • #9178 - Fix bindKey & unbindKey on commands (#201)
24 June, 2018c5c6b3cfaaa7480cc6feb2f20a54717fc18e26ab
r12224 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
24 June, 2018c707b752bcc5907ec88a8eca6fbadfaf7262c583
r12223 Avatar Dutchman101 master • Updated BASS API's to correspondend DLL's (although it's already backwards compatible) (#203)
24 June, 20185bab52c5b71442207e05d63b5b1a9ea7ee7a8293
r12222 Avatar ccw808 master • Removed unused linux-libs
24 June, 2018d64c819ddacfef88722cb854b21e31d986783443
Avatar Octalype master • Update BASS dynamic linked libraries
23 June, 201815cb3a2ebf70e4a48e071c2fc416e168fd933547
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #200 from emre1702/Fix_getMaxPassengers_#9883
• #9883 - Fix getMaxPassengers
23 June, 2018003a8f547d85c5005967d0693a1add5fffb00238
Avatar emre1702 master • Fix missing "s"
23 June, 201813d2c5af7e36927a206db65faa6a40b860196f19
r12218 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Test for #9178 (unbindKey not working properly) by reverting part of de1236c6 (Fixed #5391: Secondary command binds don't function properly)"
• This reverts commit 92a12e05a2bc3be0915a001ab3027a3a317a07af.
23 June, 2018ac015db3d0c58981db2f673553b8cab2949ad44e
r12217 Avatar Jusonex master • Apply clang-format
22 June, 201804c7c9e6f8aabb2674a0fe8fc9bc047b9f15673c
Avatar Emre Kara master • Squash-merge 'Add getAccountID & getAccountByID'
• Squashed commit of the following:
• commit 7f3c6f00fca2f628b6371d1db02f8fa882bf929a
22 June, 20186331f547bab5253446dd96a70ea752a951854d76
Avatar Justus H master • Update hardcoded CEF whitelist
22 June, 20184f3fdc50be427ffba9d905fc388f7bd947fa9701
r12195 Avatar saml1er master • Implement custom IFP animations
• Squashed commit of the following:
• commit ae72bbcdb2be8360bf705a00b259079c6f41dfe1
18 June, 201815f99b2fcf70b8d5b82883c49cb2413cd39dee4b
Avatar Justus H master • Disable 'DerivePointerAlignment' in clang-format
• DerivePointerAlignment derives the pointer alignment setting from the majority in the specific file (this setting overrides the _PointerAlignment_ setting)
16 June, 201805fbbfbfc584cc411282db784cd6c6796223da50
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