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r11799 Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.3239.1700.g385b2d4 (Chromium 63.0.3239.70)
17 December, 201740008403682cd17603676b7cffe263568574a83d
r11798 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Default-initialize stack variable in CIdArray::PopUniqueId
• Furthermore, prevent any slight possibility of reference invalidation in CStack::Pop and add a sanity check for CIdArray::PushUniqueId
15 December, 201713c1eb3d5c8fc02b1afc391ab20f44b874b3873f
r11797 Avatar ccw808 master • Improved client fetchRemote reliability
12 December, 20175489947f4881984de80fc952c0c2ea9db85d080a
r11790 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed curl not requesting compressed datum
8 December, 20177d5d6f25fc68bde273b15bc8295d60b578a49bc8
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Added memory dump for CIdArray assert case
8 December, 20176054fc736444a5ad3ebe73668894b5b2bd5d24a6
r11788 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix tiny memory leak in CAudioContainerLookupTableSA
6 December, 2017e10efa20dd2442b4aacc7f92a123442544c3c26c
r11787 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #183 from emre1702/#9769#2
• Add Team:getPlayers to clientside
3 December, 2017ba2a7f589e009048374648d07fbf8e4168914a21
Avatar Emre Kara master • Add getPlayers to team clientsided
3 December, 20179981394836332fc500be9acf05d0bbe45506a60a
r11783 Avatar Emre Kara master • (#9770) Add onPickupLeave & onPlayerPickupLeave
1 December, 2017ad953b53966d26bde38e8e9b42cfc082c24842f0
r11757 Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Log XML parsing error from xmlLoadFile in debug console
30 November, 2017ad2649f8586a855f307542c424910a86021237bb
r11756 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Don't include non-joined players from calls to getAlivePlayers and getDeadPlayers
30 November, 2017b2a07a33af39ee8031279f4bf55a4126e7b88d56
r11755 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "`xmlLoadFile` print error (#174)"
• This reverts commit ee3590096a5b6c3d43e4de3e8ca2323f55ff9208.
29 November, 2017fb2b44899bc23e09b838bd01e4128bcbaf24f6fe
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