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r11728 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated detection of incompatible programs
11 October, 20174d9f4e44750f9d41efd32fb12546fb4fcc88331b
r11725 Avatar ccw808 master • Force rebuild
11 October, 2017e803d6fc248e5219e9bda38331aa1b90e06316a9
r11719 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix vehicle radio sometimes won't play
• (introduced in 415972818)
10 October, 201779f247cf255ea52087ec9361ad53a16ddd6bf375
r11718 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9738 ([Request] refreshResource function) by adding optional resource argument to refreshResources function
8 October, 201729160616d2cdea688ec6d649d9da33156cfee71a
Avatar ccw808 master • Addendum to 510990e (Return vectors for vehicles component funcs (fixes mantis 9507) (#150))
8 October, 201767b40ede1114a5fd030d73ec510687b437bbe10c
r11716 Avatar lopezloo master • Test fix for crash possibly introduced in 06a376841
7 October, 201747e416b18afea674edc676270aed1dc1046fd027
r11712 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Return vectors for vehicles component funcs (fixes mantis 9507) (#150)
• * Return vectors for vehicles component funcs (fixes mantis 9507)

7 October, 2017510990e044a1a11c0591d648906fe4fa1eeb1660
Avatar Jusonex master • Restore default exhaust fumes position when disconnecting
7 October, 201746ba2d52612c418a76da0ac1953a7142d720db9b
r11709 Avatar ccw808 master • Changed version to 1.5.5
5 October, 20170017cec99b0c90ac1ee37d47f14798b010c5928a
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed empty not working right
5 October, 20171bca8ba716e0e147dd218c267864627aead389b7
Avatar ccw808 master • Addendum to 295219f (Fixed player version for custom builds)
5 October, 2017bdaf4dac85381792a1d623b87f1156ec709a0eb6
r11702 Avatar Jusonex master • Addendum to previous commit
4 October, 2017c473045d1d896ac7e9c859a9728f6509345c8256
Avatar Jusonex master • Add shitty setVehicleModelExhaustPosition/getVehicleModelExhaustPosition
• On long term, this function should be deprecated and merged with a new setVehicleModelComponentPosition (sets component position per model id).
• Alternatively, an even better solution would be to make this function vehicle-specific rather than model-specific
4 October, 201791b239b11f667e855a088cfdd4a94810da01587f
r11690 Avatar Jusonex master • Let GUI-functions accept vectors
26 September, 201796315677e37a77cec47795ef8a804ca24277269d
r11689 Avatar Jusonex master • Make onDebugMessage/onClientDebugMessage cancel-able
• It can for example be used to filter specific debug messages or rewrite message based on some additional information
25 September, 20177e9324b0bd726d65338085ca1ce815f85db1a311
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