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r11204 Avatar Jusonex master • Add GetResourceFilePath to publicsdk
27 February, 2017c5a5cc288556389f4700d0542b52a146a5d30816
r11203 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9549 (Erroneous fromJSON parsing) ?
27 February, 2017859e10026ba6efc1762886a190be41680dc746a0
r11201 Avatar Jusonex master • Add working GetResourceName to publicsdk
26 February, 2017552dc6d58c213d7001df7b8fd669907af71971ae
r11200 Avatar ccw808 master • Added support for more special detections
26 February, 20179b6187b3c2eaa655624254f8d83acb35b31243e7
r11199 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #9393 (Corona markers has wrong attach offset position) (#114)
22 February, 20171f23dcef69677659fa2193bed0f2b1678445bedc
Avatar lopezloo master • Add possibility to adjust vehicles LOD distance (#113)
• * Add possibility to adjust vehicles LOD distance

22 February, 2017efb8e388ef2e5ea6f5d50437ad40403adcc71828
Avatar next master • Add -1 parameter to setElementDimension (only to objects) (#111)
• Thank you
22 February, 20172e319aa823929360da9e1f48c7eb233f1d6f29e5
r11187 Avatar ccw808 master • Added DEBUG as _DEBUG is only available with debug runtime
19 February, 20174e9731750758725d704ce08df9ceba386d7fe059
r11186 Avatar ccw808 master • Added download error output to build batch files
16 February, 2017e729409d4afd96cb3a7ebb20be1c21ed6683e51d
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated build batch files
16 February, 201758ec5dc4a4cc3e9479bcda2d14cf99d0089a61f5
Avatar Jusonex master • Add win-build.bat
14 February, 2017007c68dc8d2f6aff144858004907e430ffa58204
r11183 Avatar ccw808 master • Added post build commands for Windows x64 server
12 February, 20172f30ef000ac94d8b38fef5e3c0ca19b33398f88a
r11182 Avatar ccw808 master • Added check for Steam gta_sa.exe in installer
11 February, 2017540d14894a85f37ab64b030e63474bd15e75b6f7
Avatar ccw808 master • Link Linux server launcher with pthreads to fix 'Cannot find new threads: generic error' when running with gdb
11 February, 2017dafc10407968e8733816ac29861accc923ad703f
Avatar Jusonex master • Test commit
7 February, 2017508a27833764a647a0ebb638bef6fcaab03fe0cc
r11179 Avatar ccw808 master • Replaced select() with poll() in EHS
5 February, 2017a076becb8180f2794d8eda85824f4ce6ec0db503
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