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r11248 Avatar ccw808 master • Test for remote weapon desync
28 March, 20170d77beaef4c92803b31736d6709afbdc9d2803b9
r11247 Avatar Jusonex master • Add 'forcedByScript' parameter to on(Player)VehicleExit
26 March, 2017d823fdcc19ed7aa83f011246d7e939c2a06a60f3
Avatar ccw808 master • Added world special property "extraairresitance" to remove speed limiter on certain road sections.
26 March, 2017ba64500266e397ed8a15e62bb7e516a0ccd41e44
Avatar ZReC master • Add "randomfoliage" special property (#118)
• * is/setRandomFoliageEnabled (Client function)

26 March, 201716c8ac559d16430a78983383a4e70cae58abd7bb
r11244 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix compile error
25 March, 20174eb43e5e96d4998fadd31d01212d52ae615e3755
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix AppVeyor build
• See
25 March, 2017dc4dd043df5b4b2ff358a5d9eb5c6b276a4ad5cb
Avatar Jusonex master • Premakify publicsdk and build additional shared library on Linux (#120)
• * Premakify publicsdk
• Also remove deprecated files
25 March, 2017486f46c3a0aa1a16cf2b1bcbf8e852a35d640a2c
r11241 Avatar ZReC master • Add "snipermoon" special property (#117)
• * Add is/setMoonEasterEggEnabled

24 March, 20174cefab6ba6ef5e558dfcca4aa3f5548206d9fecb
Avatar ZReC master • Radar area very large size is not visible (#119)
• In answer to:
24 March, 20178203cb9798d7cc9e4a76343c7804381b94e19449
r11226 Avatar ccw808 master • Added enum class support to EnumToString
17 March, 2017760411d7ddc68d079b4e7f98a5d41cb6c8fbe043
r11225 Avatar Jusonex master • Disable CEF sandbox
13 March, 201726c998adba8b1fe3990adf421789e04ceb07940b
r11224 Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.2987.1591.gd3e47f5 (Chromium 57.0.2987.88)
12 March, 2017268c42cf67e8a7edd3a94c1014b74f842071174b
Avatar Jusonex master • Addendum to previous commit
12 March, 2017b26aebb1ee17e56d8090f05e076a8d98274f46df
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix console input if stdin is redirected to a pipe on Windows
12 March, 2017f565c40e9bba67067749f7574f8c3fcc057ca76f
r11221 Avatar ccw808 master • Added server option to allow locally modified (gta3.img) vehicles
12 March, 201738fdbb56f840325f1c4e101b8165b20808a9bfd9
r11220 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix window jumping between monitors in multi-monitor configs
11 March, 2017142d5279d89d0b766bf3d55e9a2c1e48c0873e94
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix cursor restoring behavior
11 March, 2017d6474bcfd4ac52cc7de4175289861d797a4d528e
r11218 Avatar ccw808 master • Improved performance of dxGetPixelsSize(). Fixed wildcard matching for Linux FindFiles.
9 March, 2017050a11e4f4cba58593283a64d239dd6f97c87a6c
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