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r16607 Avatar saml1er master Addendum to 018b09de6d828239eaaee20b3945082a5f3ffaf5
11 April, 2019
Avatar saml1er master Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
10 April, 2019
Avatar saml1er master Fix CAnimBlendNode::GetCurrentTranslation crash (0xcfcd6 offset)
This crash appeared during pre-ifp in 2018 July, and the crash offset 0xcfcd6 got 20,000+ hits in 2018 alone. We don't know what's causing it. I tried many things to fix it, but almost everything failed.
So let's just log and avert it. After logging, we'll know what's corrupting the 'end key frame index'.
10 April, 2019
Avatar ccw808 master Fixed crash when calling isVehicleWheelOnGround with streamed out vehicle
10 April, 2019
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