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r20406 Avatar ccw808 master Updated DLL version check
25 February, 2020
r20405 Avatar ccw808 master Changed to proxy dll method for loading core.dll into gta process
24 February, 2020
r20404 Avatar Patrik Juvonen master Merge pull request #1259 from MegadreamsBE/fix/oop-destroy
Fix #1256: Add missing destroy method to DxFont
22 February, 2020
Avatar Jordy Sleeubus master Fix #1256: Added missing destroy method to DxFont
22 February, 2020
r20402 Avatar TEDERIs master Trailer sync fix (#1247)
10 February, 2020
r20401 Avatar Qais Patankar master Add kikito's inspect.lua to credits (#1238)
This library provides the `inspect` function.
8 February, 2020
Avatar Qais Patankar master Replace Azure badge with GitHub badge in readme
6 February, 2020
r20399 Avatar Qais Patankar master Fix #1162: add user agent workaround for YouTube TV (#1243)
2 February, 2020
r20398 Avatar Nikita Obrekht master Fix #1223: Regression: double chat messages if player is in team (#1241)
31 January, 2020
r20397 Avatar Nikita Obrekht master Add functions to manipulate colshapes parameters (#1215)
• Add get/setColShapeRadius and get/setColShapeHeight

30 January, 2020
r20396 Avatar Dutchman101 master Updated BASS libraries
27 January, 2020
r20395 Avatar Qais Patankar master Fix #880: push setPedAnimationSpeed limit
26 January, 2020
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