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r16631 Avatar saml1er master • Fix #366 for all possible problematic functions
20 April, 2019426ad3fcf71b4d41af877a860b371ad2f98f6d17
Avatar saml1er master • Addendum to a3864d8f9c6c59899bd3858379646cef5140f67e
20 April, 20194c4c97cf68776a9f48dcb8c1c1dd38e115c2643a
Avatar saml1er master • Fix #366: Can only run forward bug
20 April, 2019a3864d8f9c6c59899bd3858379646cef5140f67e
r16628 Avatar saml1er master • Fix #371: engineReplaceAnimation does not apply the replaced animation-
• if it is currently used
19 April, 201942582eb16938ed7715cdebd5a67efc79952bb333
Avatar Qais Patankar master • credits: move @patrikjuvonen
19 April, 2019df103166066b299f9d7dcc2dce2f8c00d69c6490
r16626 Avatar saml1er master • Use std::unique_ptr for CAnimBlendAssocGroup and CAnimBlock
18 April, 201976e266a71d9c7508d50b7f58eb6190c00158637e
Avatar sbx320 master • Disable AESNI, SSE4, SSSE3 instruction sets for cryptopp
18 April, 20190bba0fcddee8da96defa812392b7d829cf52ebf0
Avatar sbx320 master • Disable clmul instruction set for cryptopp
18 April, 2019fc4ede1be3434643b7e7963faac973f250e6d358
Avatar sbx320 master • Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
18 April, 201965dcef2f8a06d4bf3ce39bfb1960696cbd99e6db
Avatar sbx320 master • Replace instances of std::auto_ptr in tinygettext
18 April, 2019b2337830daefa0061fdb65fa841ff06df3d60455
Avatar sbx320 master • Update cryptopp to 8.1.0
18 April, 2019dad907c2748a2ac3babc94ee2335ea933ed24aec
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix typo in CAnimBlendAssocGroupSA::IsCreated
18 April, 2019039bd7aedc59b662b8723575efb282aa902babae
r16616 Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 73.1.13+g6e3c989+chromium-73.0.3683.75
17 April, 20195bc57fba4a311ba537129397f4466fcf3bc524f4
r16615 Avatar Dutchman101 master • Update BASS libraries & Remove msvcp60 dependency in tags.dll (#873)
17 April, 2019d0b813da7431893be6f0dcdfb24e06c9f15fa27f
r16614 Avatar saml1er master • Fix #872 - All markers are invisible
16 April, 201901a178426c1c2e7fafb0945cc34be87e986532dc
r16613 Avatar ricksterhd123 master • Fix #712: Server information window not hiding when you back to game (#867)
• Additionally, closed server information window when escape is pressed offline (i.e when not connected to a server)
13 April, 201989745b23d0659ccaba6ea779676e661accd7291e
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #843 from StrixG/fix/setEffectDensity-max-clamp
• Clamp setEffectDensity to max allowed density for the current graphic setting
13 April, 20194a2489fb565b206a11f41c52a9dcf5920f6498a6
r16609 Avatar saml1er master • Add sanity check to CAnimManagerSA::GetAnimBlendAssocGroup
12 April, 201968212b11bceeb697bb6b1957f43877405b37c991
Avatar saml1er master • Fix getAnimAssocGroupInterface (incorrect group pointer)
12 April, 201933b41c5df1a6247466f8c91f392eda9dc4e7d84b
r16607 Avatar saml1er master • Addendum to 018b09de6d828239eaaee20b3945082a5f3ffaf5
11 April, 20196127a699ef3d1aafdab4c5cc6101db69551eab0e
Avatar saml1er master • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
10 April, 2019e424cab6957502da887b68bec514d951e05bf627
Avatar saml1er master • Fix CAnimBlendNode::GetCurrentTranslation crash (0xcfcd6 offset)
• This crash appeared during pre-ifp in 2018 July, and the crash offset 0xcfcd6 got 20,000+ hits in 2018 alone. We don't know what's causing it. I tried many things to fix it, but almost everything failed.
• So let's just log and avert it. After logging, we'll know what's corrupting the 'end key frame index'.
10 April, 20196f2535e666c49c2653149d057e850c2c0c584244
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed crash when calling isVehicleWheelOnGround with streamed out vehicle
10 April, 2019fed0725241e16d3261271c05c59d96c324dd66b8
r16603 Avatar saml1er master • Restrict CAnimManager::ms_aAnimAssocGroups write access (#865)
• * Log CAnimManager::ms_aAnimAssocGroups value

9 April, 2019018b09de6d828239eaaee20b3945082a5f3ffaf5
Avatar saml1er master • Fix #465: bone position update delay in onClientPreRender
9 April, 2019e0fa528fcd6fb6b3717320fc197b83a18edb074c
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