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r16705 Avatar Jusonex master • Add temp fix for crash in Multiplayer SA
27 April, 20192bbce1256b575418711d01f80a5df9699f05d041
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix a couple of compiler warnings
27 April, 2019cf8723ce966029948c46dbb9d4016fe6282dea56
Avatar Jusonex master • Drop Travis and AppVeyor
27 April, 2019a99faa00ba5958c60785f39b63971b8522e2f374
Avatar saml1er master • Addendum to previous commit
• Remove static variables
27 April, 2019757234cb1b94ec8f6d78e6a44ad20b243da925f3
Avatar saml1er master • Fix #500: Moving in opposite direction stops the player from moving
27 April, 201979de4468fd7a18b51fc828b0fc4aa2b1ffebea4f
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #557: zalgo chat messages spill over (#885)
• Previously the render bounds for a singular chat line would be the
• entire chat render bounds.
27 April, 2019d5145112831380c07efb7a700093d8679ad79249
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Fix premake StaticRuntime flag deprecation warnings
• Warnings were thrown when running premake through like win-create-projects.bat.
• - Warning: the flags value StaticRuntime has been deprecated and will be removed.
27 April, 20196abdbe466392af790d0326ca53169802b05fb0a6
Avatar sbx320 master • Disable xlocale.h for json-c
27 April, 20192e619f1cb4a8a892108a6281d83e2ae48cb384d6
Avatar Pascal Stcker master • Merge pull request #876 from multitheftauto/feature/c++17
• Enable C++17
27 April, 201993d01034c709eb88ad26224b5f02cc0bd32d982a
Avatar sbx320 master • Disable travis clang for now
27 April, 201999b5efbee6cda6fe82d8831b7483ad1f3a231239
Avatar sbx320 master • clang-8.0 -> clang-8
27 April, 201921b2b967b86e5cba340085d7ca475c5113cabbea
Avatar sbx320 master • llvm-toolchain-xenial-8.0 -> llvm-toolchain-xenial-8
27 April, 2019fe13b6c83ef0380a5b037ff7e9a0d80597d998ac
Avatar sbx320 master • Unignore linux syscall support
27 April, 2019054a8ea243b338e2d7bc83cf7ef44020e65a31ea
Avatar sbx320 master • Add missing breakpad files
• Use __has_include to find ncurses
27 April, 20199cbd4d422004298f1da44012de11e5c6cb5fc7da
Avatar Justus H master • Update to gcc-8 and clang-8.0
26 April, 20198be9c1d48a18aaeb0dfd012e71b3d43f4e8225d2
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