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r14413 Avatar saml1er master • Revert "Properly abort reading from a bitstream in CLuaArgument::ReadFromBitStream"
• This reverts commit 7fabb157f474f75e2e05a109824aa52145701ec8.
21 September, 2018bd13c5c4d33cb6c943456370ddb39dffe2ee69c4
Avatar saml1er master • Potentional fix for CAnimBlendAssocGroupSA::GetGroupID crash
• This crash comes from either CAnimManagerSA::AddAnimation or CAnimManagerSA::ddAnimationAndSync. The problem is that the group ID is out of range (more than 138). When the crash happens, the value of m_pInterface is either 0x50 or 0xA0 of CAnimBlendAssocGroupSA, always. It happens on servers that do not even use IFP animations at all.
• The problem with group ID or anim ID corruption already existed, and it has increased during pre-ifp. The crash count is not high for this offset (0x1dc3) on 14334 onwards but nonetheless, this workaround will check the group id, if it's out of range it will log it and switch to idle animation. Once we have the logs, we can use it to reproduce the problem.
21 September, 20189393d581f4c88e28d89781eca4d0b746fd90a7bf
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Rename to
20 September, 2018de00856b9fa65ac9b0229dd550346f66a6978ea5
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update
20 September, 20183072460b8c289cdde17b297e9a094b0340c1b7f4
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