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r12419 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #236 from FileEX/master
• 0006962: Add missing isReadOnly functions for GUI Memos and Edit fields.
12 July, 20182de8d901eb6d879e1fc2b397a77c1f2e62d2fcfd
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Undo revert
12 July, 20189641feabd2958b1354379df9ae56a404ab53b4ee
Avatar FileEX master • Fixed #2
• Changes in bad function.
10 July, 20184d8311c044c79969cf6f96674a82d1bb0ad006c8
Avatar FileEX master • Fixed
10 July, 2018b80bdbc9fd25cf4c813ae2506f06faaf611f3b50
Avatar FileEX master • Added new functions
• Added new functions 'guiMemoIsReadOnly' and 'guiEditIsReadOnly'.
10 July, 20183562b49a6f70799db05d15e751591b73f11c1f9f
Avatar FileEX master • Add files via upload
• Added functions 'guiMemoIsReadOnly' and 'guiEditIsReadOnly'.
10 July, 201873350d183d610f3165308da88b2aece0cbaf800f
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