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r11913 Avatar ccw808 master • Server query fix for networks which block 1 byte UDP packets
16 March, 2018c17c2ffd044c668d1f84228e289c2ed91941c533
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed client crash caused by destroying markers during hit/leave events
16 March, 2018984ea46831b9c4c9582748907db481d61190c6d9
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
16 March, 20182340de9286cff415d05db7a62aae24d51704d238
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated curl to 7.59.0
16 March, 2018b99e343db34e27954fcc6dea5909fafcb06cf695
Avatar ccw808 master • Compile fix
14 March, 20189ba79bd9c0417067bbb309f73d2cc8367d16a30b
Avatar ccw808 master • Remove trailing spaces in _asm blocks and preprocessor definitions
13 March, 20189f163333419983d36e92a8ab0c314a92fc7ed97f
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Postpone setting player parent element to InitialDataStream (#9810)
12 March, 201841ff5bd589018432e9f8889bd2b43f56145f24a3
Avatar ccw808 master • Applied source formatting. See utils\win-apply-clang-format.bat
12 March, 2018c39e2cbf9ef355e8720d98c7de7cda93fc25d735
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