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r16911 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed XP compile issue by removing GetThreadId
1 May, 2019c6ed228c66fed249bf24e91717ea632b51291b4c
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Addendum to 3053bf50acbaf7ca10c3652674ead26c80972593: Remove double GTA conversion
1 May, 201948941a3fe79a011f38dbae91e7799c67fdf949ed
Avatar ccw808 master • Added lib for XP/Vista
1 May, 20192a26d05d063c8d82b9551d850ea54d4ae8e51f03
Avatar ccw808 master • Add temp fix for naked functions in Game SA
1 May, 20190bd75d8d79908fd9790ca671c08e6ad1251f86d6
r16720 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update CCredits.cpp
30 April, 201943b4504a4b7e36632c9253acb471c545f1d87575
Avatar Dutchman101 master • Added SD #31 and #32 as default for , improved comments
• - This change is neccesary to combat a rampant type of unfair advantage/cheating on a larger scale.
30 April, 20198cc5f19af5c830e039727032cb00a2e15a7ce42b
r16718 Avatar saml1er master • apply restoreTaskOnAnimEnd even if equipped with weapon for setPedAnimation
30 April, 20199db79350eb9854c840f10e8349058313e055e0ed
r16717 Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Fix #904: Master volume is not applied for GTA:SA sounds after launching the game
• The master volume cvar is never applied upon launch, so it makes sense to apply it at the same time when other game settings are applied.
29 April, 20193053bf50acbaf7ca10c3652674ead26c80972593
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Addendum to 5910ddf: Apply to client-side
30 April, 2019950c244866902f19c410b0519be41621c611b43f
r16715 Avatar Marek Kulik master • setTimer: Allow interval below 50ms
29 April, 20195910ddf3bb3005f7b1c44f1eb9c888d045fa3c55
r16714 Avatar saml1er master • Fix #902: restoreTaskOnAnimEnd in setPedAnimation improvement
28 April, 2019cef7d879b13b511b59178296cd4a5f2abac169f7
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix trailing newline in ignore file
28 April, 20195d88fda76be84cc68e74f91578a0d3450d2412a7
r16710 Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Update .gitattributes
• * Remove /.travis.yml and /appveyor.yml
• * Add /azure-pipelines.yml
28 April, 2019b301ad1d097e37697dea8722384460b5694686d7
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Merge branch 'vendor/libpng-1.6.37'
28 April, 2019b24d2b885c1cb2c5de7375c181ab20c8327e27a3
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Merge branch 'vendor/curl-7.64.1'
28 April, 2019773e84ad764e604a39c64d1ecc44770489094dd0
r16705 Avatar Jusonex master • Add temp fix for crash in Multiplayer SA
27 April, 20192bbce1256b575418711d01f80a5df9699f05d041
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix a couple of compiler warnings
27 April, 2019cf8723ce966029948c46dbb9d4016fe6282dea56
Avatar Jusonex master • Drop Travis and AppVeyor
27 April, 2019a99faa00ba5958c60785f39b63971b8522e2f374
Avatar saml1er master • Addendum to previous commit
• Remove static variables
27 April, 2019757234cb1b94ec8f6d78e6a44ad20b243da925f3
Avatar saml1er master • Fix #500: Moving in opposite direction stops the player from moving
27 April, 201979de4468fd7a18b51fc828b0fc4aa2b1ffebea4f
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #557: zalgo chat messages spill over (#885)
• Previously the render bounds for a singular chat line would be the
• entire chat render bounds.
27 April, 2019d5145112831380c07efb7a700093d8679ad79249
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Fix premake StaticRuntime flag deprecation warnings
• Warnings were thrown when running premake through like win-create-projects.bat.
• - Warning: the flags value StaticRuntime has been deprecated and will be removed.
27 April, 20196abdbe466392af790d0326ca53169802b05fb0a6
Avatar sbx320 master • Disable xlocale.h for json-c
27 April, 20192e619f1cb4a8a892108a6281d83e2ae48cb384d6
Avatar Pascal Stcker master • Merge pull request #876 from multitheftauto/feature/c++17
• Enable C++17
27 April, 201993d01034c709eb88ad26224b5f02cc0bd32d982a
Avatar sbx320 master • Disable travis clang for now
27 April, 201999b5efbee6cda6fe82d8831b7483ad1f3a231239
Avatar sbx320 master • clang-8.0 -> clang-8
27 April, 201921b2b967b86e5cba340085d7ca475c5113cabbea
Avatar sbx320 master • llvm-toolchain-xenial-8.0 -> llvm-toolchain-xenial-8
27 April, 2019fe13b6c83ef0380a5b037ff7e9a0d80597d998ac
Avatar sbx320 master • Unignore linux syscall support
27 April, 2019054a8ea243b338e2d7bc83cf7ef44020e65a31ea
Avatar sbx320 master • Add missing breakpad files
• Use __has_include to find ncurses
27 April, 20199cbd4d422004298f1da44012de11e5c6cb5fc7da
Avatar Justus H master • Update to gcc-8 and clang-8.0
26 April, 20198be9c1d48a18aaeb0dfd012e71b3d43f4e8225d2
r16660 Avatar saml1er master • Remove hardware breakpoint
26 April, 2019f7702d2c60e36af7ff7d1896d33ed1d733afc000
Avatar saml1er master • Nullify pRunNamedAnimDestructorHandler in CClientGame destructor
26 April, 2019f5e1de0ea91e2b06838e4796779c765bd28aea5c
r16641 Avatar saml1er master • Log incorrect interface for GetGroupID crash
• This code can be removed after 10 days or so
25 April, 2019a1642728899f9f2f7793c7f1529a09ce1f8eec10
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix disabled comboboxes showing a hovered arrow
25 April, 201922b0736cfa868a97ef6ba19d245e7e1d605ace07
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix invisible disabled scrollbars
• Sorry, can't figure out a way to apply a tint to the arrow buttons.
25 April, 201901ee6decb3032962732c80d216d306b29ffe25a6
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix WidgetLookFeel::getImagerySection exceptions
• Previously the following would be spammed into CEGUI.log:
• - `Exception: WidgetLookFeel::getImagerySection - unknown imagery section
25 April, 20195ac8939f079895c19587094c98fe54a0a42b3012
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