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r11915 Avatar ccw808 master • Addendum to 984ea4 (Fixed client crash caused by destroying markers during hit/leave events)
17 March, 2018ea97269af9cc874b4fee4cef7ae9af5e0d69b84a
Avatar ccw808 master • Fix Linux compilation
17 March, 2018fd76c1df5b3f4b82a88ce3ac156d26268cbb7edc
r11913 Avatar ccw808 master • Server query fix for networks which block 1 byte UDP packets
16 March, 2018c17c2ffd044c668d1f84228e289c2ed91941c533
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed client crash caused by destroying markers during hit/leave events
16 March, 2018984ea46831b9c4c9582748907db481d61190c6d9
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
16 March, 20182340de9286cff415d05db7a62aae24d51704d238
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated curl to 7.59.0
16 March, 2018b99e343db34e27954fcc6dea5909fafcb06cf695
Avatar ccw808 master • Compile fix
14 March, 20189ba79bd9c0417067bbb309f73d2cc8367d16a30b
Avatar ccw808 master • Remove trailing spaces in _asm blocks and preprocessor definitions
13 March, 20189f163333419983d36e92a8ab0c314a92fc7ed97f
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Postpone setting player parent element to InitialDataStream (#9810)
12 March, 201841ff5bd589018432e9f8889bd2b43f56145f24a3
Avatar ccw808 master • Applied source formatting. See utils\win-apply-clang-format.bat
12 March, 2018c39e2cbf9ef355e8720d98c7de7cda93fc25d735
r11865 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Change Lua File class based on PR #161
• - Modify File(...) to create the file if it doesn't exist yet
• - Add method alias for fileOpen
27 February, 2018fb55be37c353c210643fe750e33a522c30fcfc4a
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Restore console input focus after guiMoveToBack
26 February, 20185e047a8ab6b46b5b1cea10b408fe3b88600bce7f
r11863 Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3282.1741.gcd94615 (Chromium 64.0.3282.119)
25 February, 20189f7117f52d2c64b6d18c91029f828c8d42d30549
r11862 Avatar ccw808 master • Tidy translator credits
23 February, 201845185a67fd39556d7f2ce699e7e8feb94328059a
r11861 Avatar ccw808 master • Revert "Removed unused ClientMessageProcessor and other small fixes"
• This reverts commit 4019fed022cc511e26099324b6a5ba8b4e8a7497.
21 February, 20187b7b314fd53683247b1047094e912aa564c53298
r11860 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add CAESoundManager
20 February, 20184230804f2dd171516ca0a83f1d2270ce55387d90
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add parameter to setWorldSoundEnabled to stop sound immediately (#9490)
20 February, 201844844590d35cf52a1c1bf4e4c659c4dfbe2372fb
Avatar Sergeanur master • Fixed CModelInfoSA exceeding an array's boundaries (#155)
20 February, 2018187eb3129b7bcb6394cdb81e54486b105e3479c2
r11856 Avatar ccw808 master • Removed unused ClientMessageProcessor and other small fixes
19 February, 20184019fed022cc511e26099324b6a5ba8b4e8a7497
Avatar Neproify master • Add function isPedReloadingWeapon (#9664) (PR #149)
18 February, 2018aad10893affdabef4e8a61423a16349bce345ac5
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add pre/postEventFunction to addDebugHook (#126)
18 February, 20189eef046f7d78a3dab3590e26347653182b0aa13b
r11854 Avatar Unknown master • Add deleted parameter for onResourceStop
16 February, 201898502947c6df8a45f6204f9feec3dcdce73e75ca
Avatar lopezloo master • Fix animation stuck after carjack (#148)
16 February, 2018244ab7fb96a8c1968ed31e45265ae77523105e4c
Avatar ZReC master • Added function isVehicleWheelCollided (#146)
16 February, 2018192445b1cb6a3e5dff6e6f4808b3de12597db727
r11851 Avatar Timic master • Added reloadacl command (#9626) (PR #131)
15 February, 2018ecb5d14a80d9e7a3aac5ef388a92ccc479aedcc1
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