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r14409 Avatar sbx320 master • Properly abort reading from a bitstream in CLuaArgument::ReadFromBitStream
20 September, 20187fabb157f474f75e2e05a109824aa52145701ec8
Avatar sbx320 master • Fix typo in previous commit
20 September, 2018b354a1ea7deb507124989109ad2351d8e61b6bc6
Avatar sbx320 master • Always validate result of CLuaArgument(s)::ReadFromBitStream
• Removed dangerous constructor for CLuaArgument(s)
20 September, 201879aea604d5d9582046fadf9b92cabba45da2a2a7
r14406 Avatar sbx320 master • Validate string size read from bitstreams in CLuaArgument parsing
• Validate max element data name length
20 September, 201883f0961cfbae6eb1445e4c6b76de23074e5a3ae6
r14405 Avatar TEDERIs master • Ability to pass vectors and matrices to shaders (#391)
• * DxSetShaderValue: ability to pass vectors and matrices

19 September, 2018e843197a581c2337cd1d411fedcb369b5c903d6f
Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Skimmer high fps fix (#433)
19 September, 20188a4c6e9db83aa6ddcd8bd3de3debd2f6076b20c4
r14403 Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Add possiblity to change vehicle model dummies positions (#390)
• * Initial version of model dummies altering functionality.

19 September, 20180716b383cd41f8e8e38620af77497d26c5020f12
Avatar Sam R master • Added option to create shader from raw data (#441)
18 September, 20184d18fe3b1df19a1f8087fe5ceeb74698ab5877e7
r14401 Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Move some luadefs into proper sections (#360)
18 September, 2018dbde2b2218b3566ed5df79a68445b89ac4e46a56
r14398 Avatar saml1er master • Revert "add new function getCurrentFPS (#420)"
• This reverts commit c43b6de0e08e72cc14a9a7cd84d2d691a7870d76.
17 September, 20181b1cb6c9b28491531932b624b6f2fd1522b700c3
r14397 Avatar Kamill Schneider master • add new function getCurrentFPS (#420)
• float getCurrentFPS(); (client only function)

16 September, 2018c43b6de0e08e72cc14a9a7cd84d2d691a7870d76
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Remove try-catch block in CLuaMain::PCall
16 September, 20180f5b7e5f3e6be29e22ab9f04e627dfca038e725d
r14395 Avatar Sam R master • Fix for issue #397 (the same vehicle handling) (#401)
• * Added missing models in handling manager
• To allow separate handling settings for several models
15 September, 2018192a9da9b12e7fc1318a83b44d8fc59edf87234d
r14394 Avatar saml1er master • Delete clang-format-r325576.exe
• I merged a branch to master and this came along with it.
14 September, 20183c6cb8975f509f3b386f92a4b82026c340f68137
Avatar saml1er master • Delete fnr.exe
• I merged a branch to master and this came along with it.
14 September, 201815021c4c9582ffae55f09d02cba109642e95298b
Avatar saml1er master • Make engineRestoreAnimation apply animation
• - Default animation will be applied when engineRestoreAnimation is called.
• - Default animation will be applied when ifp is unloaded.
14 September, 201880bb8988895c537d841409eceed8d5af67d6ac4c
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Temporarily fix build
14 September, 20187deb08ae59e38663f79b4ffc88c0ac7fa75524f9
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove include guards from Shared folder
14 September, 201838e93905927bdd46f8a62bc0b250e47ac14658a0
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix more copyright symbols
14 September, 2018377fe7cf3f317c8adb66288897718f1668b43c09
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove include guards from Client folder
14 September, 2018077ca529aa909509fa75161972a6904ae39b5d31
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Format CAnimBlendAssociationSAInterface
14 September, 2018fe2ee205531cbaa8ba019935caacb2e3b788d604
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Remove include guards from pragma onced files
14 September, 2018c44f57e56f64a57b1bf0a37c41fd00eaf175c6e6
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix copyright symbols
14 September, 20183b85c8ebf843c7662eb953689e14dd4c3f64b713
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Tweak CIFPEngine::IsIFPData comment
14 September, 2018e77836d756e63ec700cbab2b6369bf8c0d00f811
r14379 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update CCredits.cpp
13 September, 2018f57be65bbf03ffcb8e23cb7ee5d07e61ba69068e
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