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r11339 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #132 from Necktrox/fix/command-censoring
• Censor onClientConsole for login command
11 May, 2017a381f2429a6522db596b0e31e0a57775794150e3
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Censor onClientConsole for login command
11 May, 201706c6cfd740e0be88c86f00a0e82b1a39f69b0222
Avatar ccw808 master • Added request method to CNetHTTPDownloadManager::QueueFile
11 May, 2017be207c9df3eff68041e1dd792a504486533ce642
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9628 (Console command: addAccount shows password in logs)
11 May, 201785951d26e55a6649bec670079422c5c8a36fa41a
r11335 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix possible infinite loop in CScriptArgReader::ReadStringMap
7 May, 2017bec96318bd594a7382aa75a9b925ae867c05d1bf
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Update README build instructions (#127)
4 May, 201757db04be400cdd68d2ede6e587ebf837987060fe
r11333 Avatar Jusonex master • Add localhost to CEF whitelist
3 May, 20174888a23227b74c2e92234446a93e20804c972d22
r11332 Avatar Qais Patankar master • fix readme formatting
2 May, 2017dfc271047a9f78b68211e3be97b7d1e82ef55f79
Avatar ccw808 master • Added http response headers to download finished callback
2 May, 20172236db1168f579be7439e7efcf91d1c88e63ba6b
r11324 Avatar ccw808 master • Refactored download finished callback
2 May, 2017fa5109a3712b38ebbfe4a54cf488e1dfa16de56e
r11323 Avatar Jusonex master • Properly fix swapped colors
1 May, 2017709525caae49b90ca7e846fb69f6950c8a0dd322
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Explain c20d2adc5 in code
• The MemSet was commented out because of mantis#8590, gh#124, see c20d2adc5614201c6e76c4a2e41651dafa54ec87.
1 May, 2017c0e2fe1dd9b1860aa1bee1b023a79b715887fb5c
Avatar Jusonex master • Possible fix for swapped red and blue channels in browser views
1 May, 20173d21fc968c468744214f104ab6de3ec8f610c68c
r11320 Avatar ZReC master • Fix #8590: Sound effects bad position (#124)
• Possible solution.
• I could not reproduce the cited crash (I don't think it's very relevant)
1 May, 2017c20d2adc5614201c6e76c4a2e41651dafa54ec87
Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.3029.1609.gcb50417 (Chromium 58.0.3029.81)
29 April, 20176854298445d76a2edec23049be1910c668c9fac4
r11307 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed getHeliBladeCollisionsEnabled incorrect arguments
27 April, 20170089c3b81d4439c62df56b051b72755c12448e9f
r11306 Avatar Jusonex master • Update debugSleep to process all RPC queues
26 April, 2017f3bdd9c013bfa95a1b9be4f01ba8feccde356faf
r11305 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed server crash introduced in 45783b (Added password append option to enable http login from any ip: 'authserial httppass')
25 April, 2017cc660ce354a555470e60d02a67a2c11665a95d24
Avatar Jusonex master • Add 'debugSleep' Lua function
• This function makes implementing a debugger possible (more on that later)
25 April, 20177460cc8c9ce8927275163d86d39a28d91759aab2
Avatar Jusonex master • Implement get-/setDevelopmentMode on the server
25 April, 2017a805943d44171281e3ff973f07d63deab58c4208
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