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r11843 Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations from using utils/pull_pootle_catalogs_main.bat
1 February, 20189f0495a549d9f9301fc0e2c2a4d47a7dae06204c
r11842 Avatar ccw808 master • Tidied _asm usage
31 January, 20187a5363b4d7fa2687db4659585dad864345a4344b
r11841 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed client crash caused by invalid blip icon
25 January, 2018288cff1a69aa2f296e4e90214bc99b61efe28a17
r11840 Avatar ccw808 master • Tweaked database logging
22 January, 201801885cb64cd199b1d23cdaea92ac9d50b29458b7
r11839 Avatar ccw808 master • Added help dialog for crash at offset 003C51A8 (Corrupt anim hierarchy)
18 January, 2018679473498db1e0fd5a2caeff0f935d4735f63a43
r11838 Avatar ccw808 master • Fix for one type of igdumd32.dll crash
9 January, 2018e5d91ec37f9e85de1ca642cec5387a5126f99930
r11837 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #9545
7 January, 2018593c7bb481f8683be6515d1169bea4f86a7537a2
r11815 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed #9787 (Self-compiled server crash on callRemote)
3 January, 201861602f144d73e69774df9263a60940c67da8d2ce
r11814 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed dxGetStatus().SettingWindowed sometimes being incorrect. Added dxGetStatus().SettingFullScreenStyle
1 January, 2018baf8f2590f67397b498d5a7f3479ab4dff8d659a
r11813 Avatar Marek Kulik master • ???? Bump year to 2018
31 December, 2017c89bad1321f34b3b64d343de4ef6e528985f8ad2
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