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r14662 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Apply automatic code-formatting
30 September, 2018b4dc8b6495f652b56ac7d71fdf53099e50a8e74a
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix memory leak in CResourceMapItem
29 September, 2018b341fe9ef8bd5cbfa4606dff8ee99706007cab27
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Remove XML from element class constructors
29 September, 2018a63e65ce06e725f70f690d733bcb7ac3b0b87282
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Addendum to last commit
29 September, 2018c7f208e1890cbf30aa078d888478815905438bff
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Clean up Create method for element type manager classes
29 September, 2018ba920f284d010c01e3316a205cfc6cce6b46eddc
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Refactor CResourceMapItem
29 September, 201881b5ba259dcc5eb9c6cfbaf19d119d4c654d4150
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Remove extraneous methods in CClientColPolygon and CScriptFile
29 September, 201868a414cde9a2155d566ef3eb54a2d3643da195aa
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • Add event onClientElementHitByWaterCannon (#477)
30 September, 2018cee63da5b10f8dfb714837d5bf68373abb788e1a
Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Refactor dxDrawCircle to use primitives queue, fix it's postGui issues (#618)
30 September, 2018d28393f8e8c2a8beb5fd007aeffc4239b1114355
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Change camera target if warping to passenger seat from other vehicle (fixes #625)
30 September, 201819cb321a0e9ef3cc4d0bdc8d2de4b7b7c8a649d7
r14652 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add onClientWorldSound event
27 September, 20188302b4c64da348691303bf56d5f80413b7610fcc
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Rename sound-length field in CAESound interface class
27 September, 201804bd059dadd94b242040231d287abcf293c11153
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Add missing fields to the CAESoundManager interface class
27 September, 2018c6108017b6e0fdc0d70b4427209b4725509a0b4d
Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Modify dxDraw(Material)Primitive to use same queue as other dxDraw functions (#565)
27 September, 2018882f57294bce0c795080050a9a6ffa234c7bd75a
r14643 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix /voiceptt crash
26 September, 2018d5e5d46e7afb62173ca329198a96294c183ed7b0
r14640 Avatar ccw808 master • Removed unused code
26 September, 20180476323561db313ad44325e890125df9700030eb
r14493 Avatar sbx320 master • Fix Linux crash in getElementMatrix introduced in 339eb59c5f254fd3bdeb0c4854ccd796023e1063
25 September, 201801213c76a1b5cb53f1b82487d0ff59f4ba45056e
Avatar Sam R master • Restore get/setObjectMass functions (#589)
• Partially reverts a9e489637db84fbd52da30156c3001cb25c8621b
25 September, 2018bc62ae1c5b68bde3167ba61b2f215d53d17560b7
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Add obj:setProperty oopdef
25 September, 2018b6c4d0ef8b896c1ef756a7bdac69792d8b1339cd
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Add samr46 to creds
25 September, 20189b785a818d43aa5235433c046f4fb64f651736d4
r14489 Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Add possibility to modify vehicle components scale (#361)
• * Initial version of vehicle component scale modifications

22 September, 2018339eb59c5f254fd3bdeb0c4854ccd796023e1063
Avatar Qais Patankar master • fix typo
22 September, 2018ff4c5fdfd16c8c067512113119367169d2905c8a
Avatar FileEX master • Add a few guiComboBox functions (#280)
• int guiComboBoxGetItemCount(element theElement)
• bool guiComboBoxSetOpen(element theElement, bool state)
22 September, 20185d682ba6bce939be9c71395078bdc2d4ad156295
r14485 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Suppress extra error when calling missing function
• Fixes #427
• Thanks to @LuXorioN96 for tracking down the exact location of this bug
22 September, 2018a5441de79b407f53a2f7b51504356754731feace
Avatar sbx320 master • Fix memory leak when CLuaArgument::ReadFromBitStream returns false
22 September, 201819d30a3b0b568d38f08cf6d45c8f597d43d504f9
r14478 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update
21 September, 20189d790923c5bcc8500df0178fea035f77767e4c08
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update
21 September, 201807ea9e1b0411e68ccf10faf7f84131f51bff9ddf
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update
21 September, 20185415ac33f541930c4f906bea3d093be3028096dc
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update
21 September, 2018aba6e798deae5af9de48c424566e76ec62017331
Avatar CrosRoad95 master • issue #392, allow to switch weapons while being attached to vehicle (#533)
• * test 1

21 September, 201814e5d11d5a2cb980b9f3346ce069a2db2e818638
r14414 Avatar ccw808 master • Eventually abort reading from a bitstream in CLuaArgument::ReadFromBitStream
21 September, 20188cf7fedff2d3ccd01604133f5389d2d50b8239d4
r14413 Avatar saml1er master • Revert "Properly abort reading from a bitstream in CLuaArgument::ReadFromBitStream"
• This reverts commit 7fabb157f474f75e2e05a109824aa52145701ec8.
21 September, 2018bd13c5c4d33cb6c943456370ddb39dffe2ee69c4
Avatar saml1er master • Potentional fix for CAnimBlendAssocGroupSA::GetGroupID crash
• This crash comes from either CAnimManagerSA::AddAnimation or CAnimManagerSA::ddAnimationAndSync. The problem is that the group ID is out of range (more than 138). When the crash happens, the value of m_pInterface is either 0x50 or 0xA0 of CAnimBlendAssocGroupSA, always. It happens on servers that do not even use IFP animations at all.
• The problem with group ID or anim ID corruption already existed, and it has increased during pre-ifp. The crash count is not high for this offset (0x1dc3) on 14334 onwards but nonetheless, this workaround will check the group id, if it's out of range it will log it and switch to idle animation. Once we have the logs, we can use it to reproduce the problem.
21 September, 20189393d581f4c88e28d89781eca4d0b746fd90a7bf
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Rename to
20 September, 2018de00856b9fa65ac9b0229dd550346f66a6978ea5
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Update
20 September, 20183072460b8c289cdde17b297e9a094b0340c1b7f4
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