Rev Author Branch Log Message Date SHA
Avatar Nikita Obrekht
master Fix return value for ColPolygon procedural functions (#1585)
3 August, 2020
Avatar Nikita Obrekht
master Add short and char support to the new parser (#1555)
3 August, 2020
Avatar Uladzislau Nikalayevich
master Fixed incorrect VRAM detection (#1589)
• Another way to find total video memory

2 August, 2020
Avatar Qais Patankar
master Revert "Add engineSet/GetModelTime (#752)" (#1588)
This reverts commit 429c0b783c537253125d37ac45fc06bc446ab2f7.
2 August, 2020
Avatar Deihim007
master Add prerequisites to for Windows build (#1541)
1 August, 2020