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r16911 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed XP compile issue by removing GetThreadId
1 May, 2019c6ed228c66fed249bf24e91717ea632b51291b4c
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Addendum to 3053bf50acbaf7ca10c3652674ead26c80972593: Remove double GTA conversion
1 May, 201948941a3fe79a011f38dbae91e7799c67fdf949ed
Avatar ccw808 master • Added lib for XP/Vista
1 May, 20192a26d05d063c8d82b9551d850ea54d4ae8e51f03
Avatar ccw808 master • Add temp fix for naked functions in Game SA
1 May, 20190bd75d8d79908fd9790ca671c08e6ad1251f86d6
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