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r16361 Avatar Nikita Obrecht master • Allow setSoundPosition to be used with file streams (#703)
• * Add ability to use setSoundPosition with streams

10 February, 20194d4692ead2d8c6fc8afd4c40ab46791cbbbf9c24
Avatar saml1er master • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
10 February, 20199316ea6f2bfa89532579c0b50894307ca0c28318
Avatar saml1er master • Tweak pInterface pointer check in CopyAnimation hook
• The crash was being averted, but after running the fix for more than 2 months, Dutchman found a few more values which indicate that the pointer is invalid. So, instead of checking for 5 separate pointer values, we simply check the range.
10 February, 2019796b27f6e97641e23f4f04a1f0d7eea0c0b8f435
Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Fix changing handling max gear to lower than current one crashing client (#778)
• * Fix changing max number of gears resulting in crash

10 February, 20195035b7f81d9b41fce58a81b49afd79f6c56e8c50
Avatar Patrik Juvonen master • Add guiBlur and guiFocus functions (Mantis #7448) (#365)
• * Add guiBlur and guiFocus functions

10 February, 201923aef88452ee6921f1e640eb80dee60f833be5c8
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Use vecZones.empty() instead of size check < 1
10 February, 20199e75691b10ae676523808888b7bbc564565fbd52
Avatar Kamil Marciniak master • Fix testLineAgainstWater to work in all circumstances (#568)
• * Added more precise testLineAgainstWater

10 February, 2019ff9edfca03ac95cdeade54dd2c2560baefa7dee4
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