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r15928 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed compile error (Release build)
2 November, 20183de81e6c8bd8a391d95ed5fc496b9c948a1e5f00
Avatar saml1er master • Restore reloadnews command (addendum to 5b1da080d2078e33ddc741a78d89df574bd354b9)
1 November, 201807527b6fa54b0baf100c4131e20c7ac7e9f291ef
Avatar saml1er master • Remove exes (addendum to previous commit)
1 November, 20189114c02b0fd6129321a46772ef8ca8de018e0c4f
Avatar saml1er master • Disable Animation Hooks for Smotra server
• Three changes were made in this commit:
• 1. There is an animation crash that occurs at offset 0xcfcd6 in CAnimBlendNode::GetCurrentTranslation (One of the top 5 crash in MTA). We do not know the cause of the crash so we need to find out whether it's related to IFP animation hooks or not. Smotra server ranks no.1 in crash reports at this offset, so I disabled IFP hooks for smotra servers. In 10 days, we will know whether the crash is related to IFP hooks or not, we can then remove the check for smotra server to enable IFP hooks there.
1 November, 20185b1da080d2078e33ddc741a78d89df574bd354b9
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed dxCreateShader error logging
1 November, 201842dd5b3ba579d28448745ed820fbf460e2a35ee4
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