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r13823 Avatar Jusonex master • Remove /whowas command
• It turned out to be unreliable and can be implemented entirely in Lua
29 July, 20180cffa9215f4601e42b2dfbc254040aeda3caa8f0
Avatar Jusonex master • Add 'elementType' parameter to getElementsWithinRange
29 July, 2018de149ef89c5bc36fc9521db018116080240e95a0
Avatar Jusonex master • Update credits
29 July, 2018922b85ee37eeb18a20c21437f685737ba111a32f
Avatar Jusonex master • Add getElementsWithinRange
28 July, 201884c680d2d096ac629a6044f9543b5604435d30bf
Avatar FileEX master • Add missing guiWindowIsMovable/Sizable functions (#272)
28 July, 2018d2c830625921140cf40134e16c9b810242fa7767
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