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r16204 Avatar ccw808 master • Added patch for gta-sa.exe variant to installer
2 January, 2019e829a201c804ae318112efeb111b608d13712281
Avatar Nikita Obrecht master • Add guiGridListGetSelectionMode and guiGridListIsSortingEnabled functions (#691)
2 January, 2019d88c90f5fdb80e229c664a8a566e50f591988792
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Allow loading pre-compiled shaders as raw data (fixes #742)
2 January, 2019cd3636ebb92cce2eee0835acbb1ce784b573731c
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Delete fnr and clang-format in root directory
1 January, 2019e8155196a1f68320d2d4b661e148b59c7bef72c6
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