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r16067 Avatar Jusonex master • Update CEF to 3.3538.1852.gcb937fc (Chromium 70.0.3538.102)
20 November, 201876868dd51a42f9164072fc6d95a372694ce0da1b
r16062 Avatar ccw808 master • Added Vietnamese localization
19 November, 2018f2149d5bf904d57c0121c564f738b966b57cb738
Avatar ccw808 master • Updated translations
19 November, 201833cd6ed2b351d97160831614e6fabcfcb8ca0856
r16060 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed missing frame graph when FPS is unlimited. Moved frame graph labels.
18 November, 201896549e839d26a3d8b09461f9eda9509ac813d870
r15949 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Get rid of string copy in fileWrite
12 November, 20180b230fab7e2c1903b2da826f61b70a04842a52a7
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix warning in CScriptArgReader by casting return value
12 November, 2018105bfa9893f41a5ade369c1e2622c0c80f0584de
Avatar Dutchman101 master • Update BASS libraries
12 November, 2018bf99a8303e28fc54b4d5c0fa8dc4e1f8b8a2c39e
r15942 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix crash in CClientGame::PedStepHandler
11 November, 201867aa83e962b77c65e571457330464ca697bc88e7
r15932 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed start-up crash if locale not set
4 November, 20183c5691de71eecc8cab69648dd8fac89ee8108e07
Avatar Justus H master • Merge pull request #686 from 4O4/win-create-projects
• Fix premake executable path on windows
3 November, 20188104feaabb2575ac4a7a5e7b10fa36501c6c5246
Avatar 4O4 master • Fix premake executable path on windows
• Call .exe explicitly to prevent the following error on some systems:
• ```
3 November, 2018e779969b76b163c549077b8f05dca8d790745e09
r15928 Avatar saml1er master • Restore reloadnews command (addendum to 5b1da080d2078e33ddc741a78d89df574bd354b9)
1 November, 201807527b6fa54b0baf100c4131e20c7ac7e9f291ef
Avatar saml1er master • Remove exes (addendum to previous commit)
1 November, 20189114c02b0fd6129321a46772ef8ca8de018e0c4f
Avatar saml1er master • Disable Animation Hooks for Smotra server
• Three changes were made in this commit:
• 1. There is an animation crash that occurs at offset 0xcfcd6 in CAnimBlendNode::GetCurrentTranslation (One of the top 5 crash in MTA). We do not know the cause of the crash so we need to find out whether it's related to IFP animation hooks or not. Smotra server ranks no.1 in crash reports at this offset, so I disabled IFP hooks for smotra servers. In 10 days, we will know whether the crash is related to IFP hooks or not, we can then remove the check for smotra server to enable IFP hooks there.
1 November, 20185b1da080d2078e33ddc741a78d89df574bd354b9
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed dxCreateShader error logging
1 November, 201842dd5b3ba579d28448745ed820fbf460e2a35ee4
Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed compile error (Release build)
2 November, 20183de81e6c8bd8a391d95ed5fc496b9c948a1e5f00
r14746 Avatar Marek Kulik master • Stream-in attached objects (fixes #623)
30 October, 20183ab471ccb3de31757741da22a60b6132461d362b
Avatar ccw808 master • Refactored frame rate limiter
30 October, 2018bc940094f0d910eea90319260644adecc6292b3c
Avatar Addlibs master • Added error message for resource meta.xml parsing failure (#655, fixes #649)
30 October, 2018b7a64b4ee6c2c22b6b7e702ec6370a38be93cf25
r14744 Avatar ccw808 master • Fix compile issue
30 October, 201884e8e10ec186b275068adc0a8f0b367e8234f579
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Support planes, trains and boats for onClientVehicleCollision (fixes #540)
• Moved hooks to the ProcessControl functions to allow vehicle pointer overwrite there to avoid crashes
30 October, 20182017aea31c0556aa9827919264faaf27ef70fa90
r14742 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed missing languages if MTA is installed with non-ASCII path
29 October, 2018705e0f1e9c3f95a61cf29ecad9b2885412aa86fd
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix crash for fixVehicle in onClientVehicleCollision
29 October, 20185c6db9688875831befcc58ab750c284965b167b2
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Fix CEF crash on resource restart
29 October, 20183372f0f52ff782e1b691dc55c4a9da6ac4e1f40a
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