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r9896 Avatar ccw master • Fixed #9335 (Protected resources can be stopped with refreshall and after that they become unprotected)
26 August, 201687809120290f1c0efe0f74c3361d1c9b91ffb466
Avatar ccw master • Small source tweaks for CResourceManager
26 August, 2016abdd18fac6be0ed06f58d6119e06345e3e66c3c3
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Correct some configuration inconsistencies
26 August, 2016a856584700201ce3ad090879851d44585f40050d
r9893 Avatar ccw master • Fixed #9336 (MTA sometimes fails at loading custom textures)
25 August, 2016c5c8af9304d15e2b31546dc6cc2f180eed1ec56a
r9892 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #8995: Deprecate showPlayerHudComponent
24 August, 20166b3aee3f1b1a904bd754cd9486fd4ac16c0d51dd
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix CResourceChecker.Data.h indentation
24 August, 2016f06e9fd7a2e3362762aef6e767cdfc13bd94e3a0
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #9333: redirectPlayer with an empty host logs ambiguously
24 August, 201696fe3bfd01fb40db93cfd726be0da1eb496d030c
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #9334 - default responsiblePlayer is not 'Console'
24 August, 20165c64c8cafc0a957edf55317c27cdd03f3f69af62
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Make File definitions shared
23 August, 2016c0cc8f76b6806ee1279e77727cc440371dc63d07
r9886 Avatar ccw master • Updated linux-libs
23 August, 20165071f7b4cf27cbbb4c98ec257fb90430a156081d
Avatar ccw master • Fixed pcre include path for Linux build
22 August, 2016a0e9f3b00accb65b031de8ebbb34c2cc73de31e7
Avatar ccw master • Modified build for gcc 4.7.2
22 August, 20169e4de9896772facd98c8fa79aace45583017db86
r9885 Avatar ccw 1.5.2 • Fixed #9339 (attachElements() 1-frame lag when "a lot" of elements are attached)
22 August, 2016c505da3d418486936ed6ebc5c604c8a24775b2cf
r9882 Avatar ccw master • Fixed installer locales path
21 August, 2016b00458b199228aa4b9d87fdfdd5d8eb4e5ece877
r9881 Avatar ccw master • Fixed #9339 (attachElements() 1-frame lag when "a lot" of elements are attached) and probably broke something else
21 August, 2016323bcab8086e5cf2dddc5ad58cc5cbe789b6b167
Avatar Jusonex master • Delete some unused files
20 August, 20163cb01bccae2069dfd37d94fc62ee8e28313033c5
Avatar Jusonex master • Move files around
20 August, 2016e0b4b95e7f86b69cb7388a25d306c886d54f7c1a
r9876 Avatar ccw 1.5.2 • Fixed VS2015 runtime download link in installer #2
18 August, 201639e1ceb2ffbbfcfbd8b908530c62a7a616b38d45
r9875 Avatar ccw master • Fixed VS2015 runtime download link in installer #2
18 August, 2016c23c959afdba7da8846ef19cfb5b6e1ed39695ae
r9874 Avatar ccw master • Target dir fix for
15 August, 201655519cf4d996681e2b093ec06eabe3cdc202055e
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