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r10050 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix AppVeyor build missing some CEF files
25 September, 2016aba59555fd0587ace8c295f162034fd55d2e6566
Avatar Jusonex master • Addendum to 71dd9571753696ba690cd5a80b34edb0cff69651 (fix crash on quit)
25 September, 20168d76cdcc196fbabd415fd4250faa002cc7179bc8
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix #9394 (toggleBrowserDevTools crashes the client)
25 September, 2016d10d5a47971b93079b021cd885ab598bcf93266b
Avatar Jusonex master • Merge feature/ci-artifact-upload (#78)
• * Test CI upload

25 September, 20164e19f53bfea1670d16a9e94bdf101d0813810107
r10043 Avatar ccw master • Updated net module version
24 September, 20163de7e5bd2d425747617a24350f2974e02cddc6dc
r10039 Avatar ccw master • Fixed #9389 (MTA updates position very slowly for attached elements to element)
23 September, 2016d651841d191d9544dd7778948483a724ec634957
r10038 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix #8962 (Destroying browser onClientGUIClick result instant crash)
21 September, 201671dd9571753696ba690cd5a80b34edb0cff69651
Avatar ccw master • Added masking of certain function arguments when using addDebugHook
21 September, 20160e2508bd415076167b7ad2d8ade92033c38b9a8b
r10034 Avatar jhxp 1.5.2 • Add support for German Steam version of GTASA
20 September, 20162327bddd2ccfaac9076895060b738c22a02ac782
r10033 Avatar jhxp master • Add support for German Steam version of GTASA
20 September, 20169e2b9ec567582cec20bd11d673e99265d41f64b9
Avatar ccw master • Addendum to 6b76656f4ac0f94322007a88aa4a0d2ae63cc3c4 (Added option to block server admins who login with an unrecognized serial)
20 September, 20167479fa26ba0325ace269a61f2da781bdaf836f11
r10023 Avatar ccw master • Fixed logical incongruity
19 September, 2016c3c28a903d3cbe85973a0b4749d07b303136fff6
Avatar ccw master • Added option to block server admins who login with an unrecognized serial
19 September, 20166b76656f4ac0f94322007a88aa4a0d2ae63cc3c4
r10014 Avatar ccw master • Added 8 byte integer support for varargs database queries
18 September, 2016b2227c359092ce530cdf9727466b88bec8282cd0
r10013 Avatar ccw master • Fixed multithreading issue in http server
17 September, 2016f22a5f19dc672aa808cae9e0214e8184877c2713
Avatar sbx320 master • Updated zlib to 1.2.8
7 August, 201648996924243624a94bafb6a64f388cda65ffd46f
Avatar sbx320 master • Updated sqlite to 3.13.0
7 August, 20163aa17532867c66818cc3a602c4b1ac2143694066
Avatar sbx320 master • Updated pcre to 8.39
7 August, 20160d19a052dcc690ab1048ffdba36733ee2f8c397c
Avatar sbx320 master • Updated libjpeg to Version 9b (17th January 2016)
7 August, 20169a298e4e2be217c11decf72d37a2020a2298af4e
Avatar sbx320 master • Updated libpng to 1.6.23
5 August, 201645f1cb40b7eff39112ba59597c937f7a74feec50
Avatar Jusonex master • Rename areTrayNoticationEnabled to isTrayNotificationEnabled
17 September, 201698c4af9ae43c2cbbe2d07f612b5ce0bc70c471df
Avatar Jusonex master • Merge branch 'tweak/cef-rendering-optimization'
17 September, 20168a56a7442c659a4a200f355a9ac28f15d5ed6448
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix popup render ordering
17 September, 20169d98eb7a30e4254593fbca580175f49b17c4707c
Avatar Marek Kulik master • Added balloon notifications with tray icon (#69)
• * Added balloon notifications with tray icon

17 September, 2016dd40e98a9b59e8a93f70dca0734d84c7f611062e
Avatar Jusonex master • Improve performance when copying the whole CEF texture
17 September, 2016bf59b23aa4dae95d9d513611d79a1f5b2068b262
Avatar ccw master • Fixed desktop resolution when minimizing with fullscreen borderless window mode
16 September, 201600a373f46859ccd5b1e551ffeeb181f3bf6e8f63
Avatar sbx320 master • Reverted 93e121ff6ecec8bee1259c05c60301c2fa912b5d (Merge pull request #17 from ArranTuna/master)
16 September, 20166351f5dcff05281dfa44dfd30dc12a0400103bf3
Avatar sbx320 master • Fixed some non standard constructs introduced with da1709db93d060215067cad60533f621012cf2a2
15 September, 2016ec79f2962b1ea887e031c6447c2e50252b765a50
Avatar sbx320 master • Cleaned up some parts of client deathmatch
• This commit mainly replaces iterator for loops with C++11 range based for loops for improved code readability
15 September, 2016da1709db93d060215067cad60533f621012cf2a2
Avatar Jusonex master • Disable CEF plugins (e.g. Flash Player)
15 September, 20162b4a30f0feb4a762968dfbe4d6a40513ea12a7b7
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix CEF popups not being rendered
15 September, 2016232067c556336da8abba1db3d58dd27b889e455a
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #71 from Necktrox/fix/tabpanel-crash
• Fixed #9376 (Deleted tabpanel tab crashes MTA if you change the selected tab)
15 September, 2016c967993a19174a99fd61020caf296677233b77bb
Avatar Jusonex master • Remove 1.5.2 badges from
15 September, 2016e49004f8023dd5f15974fd6720306604104bdf4b
Avatar Jusonex master • Update
15 September, 20161626cc3d8ee1b0cadbe8cdbf1f704c2aeb5a6f6b
Avatar Jusonex master • Fix #9380 ([Request] Transfer browser as source in getBrowserSource)
15 September, 2016d6f26e295b85e951f75c41aea5805f89087e87e5
r9965 Avatar Jusonex master • Fix #6021 (Make outputDebugString accept any Lua type)
14 September, 201659c2ad9b5c82c339005c86ea86287d45282e0cbf
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