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r10708 Avatar ccw808 master • Tweaked installer redist handling #2
23 October, 2016677286731a5eb64fde935265644506896aee7964
r10707 Avatar ccw808 master • Tweaked installer redist handling
23 October, 2016495df6a4afce98e9b30401e103621a77ed69b5e4
r10697 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Merge pull request #91 from Necktrox/refactor/custom-weapons
• Move weapon related functions from Ped defs to Weapon defs
22 October, 2016fab5d5ea536549d64f0011884f16040d956a005b
r10691 Avatar lopezloo master • Fix #9432 (all new objects on old maps is dynamic)
22 October, 2016ddd42f0a7b786f91a828bd605fc4a2753260ace2
r10623 Avatar Jusonex master • Possible fix for #9429 (setBrowserVolume does not work)
20 October, 201663fe60b38856d7189ddd4e5f6a482234b4036885
r10614 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed various crashes which occur during display of the busy spinner
19 October, 2016457a60e6eb4444cf2b92e4d9fb5c7e6ab932f622
r10613 Avatar ccw808 master • Fixed source symbols not working. Introduced in a6e255442e7f86ef97d07ea9f8635b4eb62f69e9
19 October, 201681e4d19e7882e8c4a781e24000b4031a835df1f9
r10612 Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #9424 (setElementVisibleTo OOPdef is missing)
18 October, 2016afc0c504c95288eb73a4701719c62e2f4dbce40d
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Server/CLuaElementDefs.cpp - normalise line endings
18 October, 2016295c7b93702efaa7086654f2da3dd431c5fb8a7c
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Revert "Fix #9424 (setElementVisibleTo OOPdef is missing)"
• This reverts commit e9367f6389b8c3fd6123f30065e0c78f3b216f3c.
18 October, 20162c9015d981b7bddc66436a91683da5f40de2130e
Avatar Qais Patankar master • Fix #9424 (setElementVisibleTo OOPdef is missing)
18 October, 2016e9367f6389b8c3fd6123f30065e0c78f3b216f3c
r10592 Avatar ccw808 master • Trigger rebuild
18 October, 2016d798cfe6777f3f5a539c75bb55e2d1372bbd003d
r10591 Avatar ccw master • Updated installer for cefweb.dll
18 October, 2016aaa30703341a40e15df9c5047cafb7bb5e382059
Avatar ccw master • Merge pull request #92 from ccw808/refactar/move-webcore
• Added cefweb.dll
18 October, 2016295fcfbce937336b7f9d4bfdbfd3c99b9cf6bcfa
Avatar ccw808 master • Improved error message for module load failure
18 October, 201648c5cf8a785ab6e608b165a9650477ac3ea1e05b
Avatar ccw808 master • Added on demand loading of web core dll
18 October, 201635fef00ac6d54ee4189fde1151e371045acb9807
Avatar ccw808 master • Changed web core to be in its own dll
17 October, 2016947e589e6e77c04a0e8a9458344f113f2fc527b5
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